Monday, September 8, 2014


Both Seren and Wyeth have lockers this year! This is very exciting! But, thankfully, there is no  actual lock on them.

This is the conversation that happened between Wyeth and I the morning of his first day of kindergarten:

 "Mom! where do I put my lunch?"
Top shelf.
"Ok. Good. Where do I put my snack?"
Top shelf. Next to the lunch.
"Ok. That fit too. What about this water bottle?"
Top shelf. Just angle it.
"Ok. Good. Now I have this red folder. I'm supposed to put it in my cubby. Is this my cubby or my locker?"
This is your locker.
"Ok. What is my cubby? What does it look like?"
It is like a locker but there is no door. And it is smaller.
"Ok. Got it."