Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Looking for someone? Check the shower

For the last 20 of Seren's 21 months, I have been the first one to meet her in the morning. For the first 9 months, it was because I breast fed and she was hungry. For the last 11? Because I like it.

Recently, depending on when she gets up (we are back to 6:16 thank goodness!) and depending on how cranky she is, Dad sometimes rescues her from her crib while I'm in the shower/drying my hair/getting ready.

Last week, she accurately assessed the situation by questioning her morning greeter. "Dada?"
"Yup, its me. Mom is in the shower."

The next day, she said, "Dada? Momma ower." (Shower. We don't "blend" our letters yet. Snowman became "Oman" in our house this year.)

So basically anytime that Dad greets her first thing in the morning it is because I am in the shower.

Sam was gone last week to spend some time with his parents in Michigan. According to Seren, her Daddy took one long ass shower. Everytime he would come up in conversation she would explain to me with a very serious face that he was in the shower.

Oh the wisdom of toddlers.

A first on my blog: A video (hopefully)

View this montage created at One True Media
My Montage 1/30/08

Here is a video that I was sent today at work from my two favorite goofballs!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You know it is bad...

When you are actually contemplating taking a day off from work to simply catch up with the boring ass "life" stuff like calling the sewer company, dealing with bills, insurance companies, etc. Since when do I have all of these adult things to do? We only have one kid and one (paid) full time job so I can't imagine families with many more kids and two working parents. Am I not a good multi-tasker? Where does all of this responsibility come from? Can I ever cross anything off my to-do list!?

It probably is made worse my Seren's illnesses. Two weekends ago, she got a cold which turned into a hacking cough. We visited the Doctor last Friday and were sent home with a nebulizer treatment for her broncolitis (sp?). We were to return Monday. After a busy and fun weekend with Ama and Pop-pop, we learn on Monday that now she has two minor ear infections.

Maybe all parents panic at illness but I really freak out when she is sick. I can't escape what I call the "preemie shadow". I read that babes born prematurely often have these breathing problems. I get so upset by the whole thing. Then, in the next paragraph, I read that MOST kids need these sort of treatments- premature or not. So, I get over myself quickly knowing that this is all normal and so many parents deal with FAR worse health problems. However, I think the guilt of having a preemie never really goes away.

We plan on laying low this weekend. No fun trips to CT, no trips to the museum and no crazy adventures with grandparents. Just us hanging out as a family. The past two weekends have been full and wonderful but there is something to be said for "chilling" during cold and flu season.

I'm off to sip some tea.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Gestures we no longer should make

I am a "good girl". I don't curse that often. I play by the rules. I am fair and honest. Most of the time, that serves me well. Although, I do get teased for being "too good". But I could be teased for worse.

I don't usually use the finger.

My husband? He really likes that gesture. He is so shy that I feel that this bold (disgusting) gesture encompasses much of his repressed emotion. Plus, he is from Flint and having spent a better part of my vacations and summers in Flint since I met him...the fact that he uses the finger and is from Flint? That just seems to make sense to me.

Two weeks ago he was watching a football game- a game in which his team was winning. It may have been Michigan State or Michigan University. Regardless, as the opposing team was walking off the field, he gave a strong, two handed, two middle finger gesture to the loosing team. "Yeah! See that!? That is what I'm talking about!"

Seren and I had just walked into the room. She had her plastic animals and plastic farm in tow. She took one look at her smiling Dad, put down her toys and gave the TV a big, bold, two handed, POINTER finger gesture to the teams.


We are THAT family.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Yoga- All about ME

Last night I went to Yoga at this fancy yoga studio. Finally! I have been meaning to make this a practice of mine for years. Last Thursday, I was so excited to venture out- only to have 3 inches of snow arrive. The roads were a mess, I stayed home. But last night, I did it.

I was surprised by how disconnected I felt from my body. When one sits at a desk job all day, then sits in the car going home, a body forgets how to move. I also found myself experiencing a range of motions. I was giggly as I fumbled around on my mat. "Which foot is my left foot? And what am I supposed to do about it?" I also felt relaxed and at peace. (Which is unusual for me.) I also felt a bit nervous. (Which isn't unusual for me.) I was supposed to get there way early to not be rushing around but I got there a few minutes late. I had to enter the classroom and was very aware of all of the social faux- pas I might be making. Do I wear socks? Do I need to roll out my mat? Where should I sit? Do I need my water bottle?

My mind, shall we say, wasn't exactly "at rest".

But then there was the beautiful instructor who was tall and toned. She reminded me of my good friend Shelly. She would come over to all of us and reposition us. Make sure we were breathing. Her hands were warm and encouraging. But I really struggled to just "let go" and "melt". I felt myself thinking, "Maybe I should tell her I'm new." But I'm sure THAT much was obvious.

I think that this will be an amazing experience.

The best part is the last pose where basically you lie prone on the floor. I have done some yoga so I knew this was coming but man, did it feel good. And then, the instructor, while you are lying there, comes over to you in the half dark and massages your neck with lavender oil! Does it get any better? Seriously. It felt like eating chocolate cake only better.

I really want to do this weekly so that I can practice being in that space of letting go and relaxing. And focusing on ME and my body.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

6, 7, 8

Seren has learned to count to 8! We are so excited! Over the weekend, she could only count aloud to 3. But this morning, she counted 8 books on her chair. We went ballistic cheering for her counting. Her face seemed to say, "Duh you guys. I have been able to do that for like, 24 hours."

She is also learning to play hide and go seek. Which is pretty funny because she always "hides" in the same place. We do a overly dramatic search, complete with overly dramatic gestures. "Where is Seren? Under the pillows? Under the bed? On the bookshelf?" Then she busts out of her "unique" hiding spot, runs into our arms and cheers for herself.

Gets us everytime.

I am feeling a bit down with the commute today. Last night's commute was an hour. Today's commute? 1 hour and 35 minutes. It gets me so tired!

But counting to 8? I think that is just so cool.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Tidbits

I have had trouble blogging this past week! Sometimes I have too much to say and no time. Othertimes I can't think of items that are blog worthy. A few notes:

* Seren had her first haircut on Saturday. Yes, her FIRST! I took her to a place called "Wiggle Worms" which was for kids. It was awesome. She liked the toys and watching all of the kids but really got nervous when she got in the chair that was shaped like a frog. Through her eyes, it IS kinda scary. A stranger is touching your hair and spraying you! I have to down load my pics of the experiences.

* Seren has decided that 5 am is the new 7 am. My god! It seems like everytime we sleep over at Grammy and Poppy's, she is off for about 3 days. She sleeps well but when she wakes up at 5, she can't soothe herself back to sleep. I am glad we weaned off the paci but man, it is ever tempting to go in there and hand her paci to her! I can do 6 am but anything that begins with 5 is too early. 5:15, 5:20, even 5:55! I'll get over it.

* Seren is very aware of who owns what. When we sort the laundry, she offers up suggestions as to whose item of clothing it is. A big grey t-shirt? "Dadda's!" Tiny pink socks? "Eren's" (Seren's) Yesterday the cat was smelling my briefcase. Seren also likes to play with all of the pencils in the briefcase. I usually ask her not to. "No touch, Seren. Thank you." So when the cat started smelling it, she went over to the cat and said, "NO! No! Mommas!" Nice to have help!

* Seren has been having some hyper moments where she twirls around and falls on her bottom. She laughs hysterically! Last night, after dinner, the entire family had a dance competition. (We don't have any good moves, we are nerds, people, nerds!) It was hysterical. In the midst of this dancing frenzy, the thought occurred to me, "This is really why I wanted a family." I had so much fun.

* Seren is a wizard in her play kitchen. She can whip up some good fried eggs! And now she takes requests. What a great short order cook! (Emphasis on the word 'short'). Sam and I get great delight in asking for certain food items while we are getting ready for the day. Seren, ever the pleaser, toddles off to her kitchen, locates the item and brings it back. She then cooks- complete with sound effects.

* Seren is beginning to understand that she actually can get something she wants when she says "please." We still have to prompt her but she always looks surprised when she gets more fruit or more milk. "Peas!" Ta-da! Instant satisfaction.

* Seren, like most children, would prefer juice over milk. Sam has taken to calling the milk, "cow juice". That way, she gets "juice". The problem with calling milk cow juice? She actually has started to "moo" at the sippy cup when it is just beyond her reach.

* I start yoga tomorrow! I am so excited for this phase in my life! I am really happy to do something I've wanted to do prior to getting pregnant with Seren.

* I have started to take the wallpaper off the hallway. I can only do this in little 35 minute time slots. It is such a huge task! I hope to complete this project by March! I have to have goals otherwise these home projects just hang on...

That's what comes to mind. Thoughts from my little world.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yeah! Another trip around the sun! Things are looking up for this year! There is much to be happy about. My colleagues and I are celebrating today by going to lunch, and Sam and I are going to go to a nice dinner OUT on Saturday night. I will even wear a skirt for the occasion and Sam will shave! Whoo-hoo! Seren, most likely, will make me a card. Her art is the best,I can't wait!

Life, when I make the time to step back from it all, is pretty darn good.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The beginning of the "poop" stage

Before I had Seren, there were a few things that I couldn't stand my mom friends doing or talking about. I did not like to see pictures of thier kids with food all over thier faces and I hated poop talk. Why must grown women talk so much about thier children's movements? Yuck.

Well, here I am posting on the internet about poop.


Since 15 months, Seren has said "poop" whenever she pees or poops. She is really into this now. We aren't quite ready to begin the potty training madness. I haven't even read about it yet! (Any one heard of good book suggestions?) But she clearly is thinking about this a ton. She is trying to take her diaper off and when she wants her diaper changed, she just lays down wherever she is and says, "poop". Even if it is far from her diaper changing station.

This is all context for the following story. Last night, Sam belched. He said, "Oh, excuse me." I said, "Geez! Dad is feeling a bit burpy!"

Apparently Seren heard "poop" instead of "burp".

She then proceeded to run over to my husband and essentially "feel" to see if he had poop. She asks him "Poop?"

Then she ran over to me and felt my lower regions (just like we check her) "Poop?"

Then she checked herself. "Poop?"

Where was the poop? Who had pooped? What?! You could see the confusion on her face.

Sam and I were laughing too hard to correct her immediately. "You are ok Seren. No one pooped. We are all good."


And so count me in with the other moms who tell poop stories. I'm sure when we actually DO get to the potty training stage, there will be many more.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Is there an echo in here?

Seren is mimicking our words so much that our house sounds like it is full of echos. She doesn't have context for the words but is eager to try them out.

And we got our first phrase this weekend! Drum roll please...the first phrase is "Bless you!"

Sam and I have been fake sneezing for about 24 hours just to hear her say "Bless you" in response to our sneezes.

We love her little voice.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 20 months

Seren turns 20 months today! 20!? As in very close to age TWO? Amazing! It is all going too quickly. Month 19 has been the month of words and sounds. She isn't stringing words together yet but she is getting close. She loves to repeat the sounds back to us. The last word of every sentence is repeated. She is growing like a weed still and seems to be filling out.

Seren is also very clingy. I don't know if this is a normal thing for 20 month olds or what. (Ideas?) But if I had a dollar for every time I heard "Up! Mommma! Up!", our new sewer system would be paid for! Not that I'm really complaining. :) I love the snuggles! Her favorite things still include books. Books all of the time. We do put our books down when we take a bath everynight. But she sleeps with one book each night. If one attempts to pry it away before placing her in her crib, all heck breaks loose. So, last night she went to bed with her Elmo book. This has become a habit.

Seren seems to be quite afraid of loud noises. When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, a loud chorus of "UP! Up! UP!" begins. Same thing for the hairdryer. These noises didn't seem to bother her before. She continues to be very shy with strangers. Walking into a room full of people is very scary. We usually hold her for 15 minutes before she decides she is ok with the group.

She continues to bring us many laughs. She seems to have a great sense of humor. The last week has brought a bit more "independence" as she seems to be trying out the rules of our house. "Do they really mean it when they say I shouldn't pour milk on the floor?" Last night, when she tried this, she said to us "No" as if she was self correcting. So, that is one half of the battle. The other half, of course, being to stop pouring milk on the floor. :)

20 months!? 20 months. Happy Birthday, sweetpea!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas in Cape Cod Pics

The beach was lovely. Seren didn't enjoy it as much in the winter as she did in the summer.

Seren got a play kitchen for Christmas! My parents didn't want to put the entire gift together because we would need to take it all apart. They left the "back" off. Seren thought that was fantastic! She'd crawl back and forth through the "appliances".

Dolly is a good listener.