Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graduation from Preschool

Monday night was a big night. Seren said goodbye to her first school. Preschool. Breezy Point. Sam and I sweated out this decision. And we paid a good amount of money to attend. And it was worth every. single. cent. It was the best! Preschool, in our opinion, sets the stage for future learning. And is critical to the early years!

Seren had the same teacher for two years in a row. And while I rarely saw her because the program is only in the morning and only 3 days a week, and Sam did the drop off, she is an amazing woman who saw Seren for who she is and who she will become.

We loved the school! We loved the teachers!

And we loved the other families! I've become quite close to two other moms in the class and our friendship has extended to getting together for playdates, dinners and coffee. The other moms and Sam have arranged playdates through the beginning of August to encourage our three daughters' (and our families') friendship.

Leaving has been hard. And I've been quite emotional about it! It is the growing up thing. It is going into the unknown. It is tough stuff! And Seren hasn't been easy going about it either. She cried that she didn't want to say goodbye to her teacher. It has been an amazing two years! I can't believe they are over!

Monday night the kids performed. The school rented (?) a local community college to have the graduation services. All three preschool classes performed. Each class did two songs. In short, it was hysterical! There were those that didn't sing. Or move. And basically just stood motionless. Then there were the kids that were BELTING out the 'song'. Then there were the girls that flashed the audience by lifting up thier dresses, the boy who picked his nose, and the girl who gave a big kiss to the boy next to him. The whole thing was a riot! I laughed!

Seren rose to the occasion and did the dance moves. Quietly. But she did it! And she was SO excited to be on a big stage. She got her diploma too! What a night!

As I went to bed that night, I prayed that this would be the first in many graduations I'd see. Middle school graduation. High school. College. Graduate school (?). But no pressure, little one. For now, enjoy the moment with your buddies and your special flowers.

We love you!

The graduate!

Hard goodbyes!

Flat Tires

On Tuesday night, I drove the 20 miles south to my home in Pennsylvania. When I left New Jersey, the little 'low tire pressure' light was on. Ah, no big deal. Buicks are overly sensitive.

I drove at about 65 miles a hour. 5 miles from my home, two cars started to honk and wave at me frantically. The other drivers were mouthing "TIRE!".

Oh dear.

A little 'low pressure' turned into one big ole flat tire.

I limped home with my hazards on and found a gas station. I filled that bad boy up, had dinner with the kids and then took Wyeth to Pepboys.

He was in 7th heaven.

There is a waiting room that we had all to ourselves. And if you stood on the little ledge you could peer into the autobody shop where they worked on the cars. I stood on that little ledge with my little boy in my arms and man, did we have fun.

He is just about to break full force into the "WHY" phase of life. So he had about 10001 questions about what was happening to the car. What is going on? Why is the car up? How get car up? Car come down? Car come down now? Oh! Tire! Why that man do that? Why that man hurt our tire?

And on and on and on.

It was simply fabulous! What a great date! We watched and talked. The total cost for my flat tire was $0.00 as they simply had to plug the tire.

I thanked the worker for all of his help in fixing our tire. Score!

As we left Wyeth held my hand and said, "Great show! Great show! See new-new tire show tomorrow?"

That is what I love about kids. An adult perspective on the day would be "Crap! A flat! Are you kidding me!? This sucks!" And we'd go to Pepboys, sit there in the lonely oily smelling room and wait the nearly 50 minutes for the tire to be fixed. We may even complain on facebook about the fact that our night is being spent at Pepboys. Then we'd thank them and go home.

For Wyeth? This whole thing was an adventure! It was a SHOW! He got to see something brand new! He got to be with mom and mommy only! And it was fun! Man was it fun! He hasn't stopped talking about the 'new new tire show' since.

Love it!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Working out

Well, I'm still at it. My summary of the experience so far:

1. I have a lot more miles to go before I start to feel in shape.
2. This takes a lot of time. As in a lot of time.
3. While I am sucking wind during the experience, it feels great afterwards.
4. And finally, why in the world did I think I was 'out of shape' as an 17 year old? Seriously?

I'm having some middle age body issues recently. Like maybe I should get my teeth whitened. And maybe I should buy a better bra. Or find something with 'LIFT'. And why is my skin saggy? And isn't that another grey hair?

Oh well. That just means I have lived well! I'm lucky to have hair. I'm lucky to have boobs. Not everyone is so lucky. So I'll just keep doing my little workouts and focus on the fact that life is GOOD!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Seren's Bday Recap

Seren turned 5 on the 4th of May but we celebrated her birthday with her friends on the 22nd of May.

Like last year, we had a big fun party in the park. Unlike last year, the weather was freezing. This diminished my enthusiasm to some degree. I kept worrying that 1)people wouldn't come 2)that it would pour rain and 3)that people weren't having fun.

But that being said, in the end, the kids had a great time doing what kids do best: PLAYING!

Sam and I set up for about 45 minutes prior to the party. This was hard. We had to deal with my 'party anxiety', the kids were running around and we didn't have any helpers. But we manged to set up the chalk, the bubbles, the two tents, and cover up all 10 tables.

The kids arrived and set to work playing in the tents. We then had the kids make a mask using just a wooden mask from Michel's' and markers. I didn't think this would be a hit. It was kinda 'lame' as a project but they really got into it!

After more play, we had a scavenger hunt. With the help of some parent-friends, we broke the teams into groups of 4 and everyone had to find 'nature' themed things. We gave the teams hints and then they had to figure out the riddle and identify the nature item. A bug. A leaf. Draw a flower. Make a rubbing of the leaf, etc. What a riot! They really got into it! So that was great!

Then it was time for lunch. We fed the adults up right with tuna salad and chicken salad. Chips and some fruit. And the kids had nature themed (via sand which cutters) sandwiches, chips and fruit. Easy!

And then we had our cake before letting the kids play at the playground. We were so happy that our friends could come to celebrate with us! What a great class!

My father, the artist, was also busy doing face painting for the kids.

His first 'customer' was Wyeth who decided to do his OWN face. Good grief. He LOVED face painting. :) My dad did a great job!

Us playing a version of musical chairs that we called 'musical leaf!'

I was too stressed about the whole thing. I had just been in Texas for a week, then in Cleveland through Friday night of the second week and the party was on Sunday. But in the end, after two hours of coloring, and playing and cake eating with her preschool and neighborhood friends, Seren turned to me and said, "Mom! That was the best party EVER!" So, it was so worth it. SOO worth it.

We gave the kids 'bug boxes' as favors in lieu of candy. Everyone seemed happy to have a little magnifying glass, tweezers and 'bug catcher' to take home. My parents saved the day by cleaning up while we played a few last minutes with the kids. Thank god for help!

If I do say so myself, job well done, Hague Angus family. It was fun to be outside in the park having a big fun party! So glad that we could enjoy and that it didn't rain! What a group effort!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Five year old stats

Seren and I went to the pediatrican on Friday for her five year well visit. A month late due to insurance requirements. Whatever. Close enough.

She is 41.8 lbs which is 50%
She is 3 feet 8 inches which is 75%.

Wasn't I just saying that she was born at 5 lb, 8 oz and 18 inches long!?

She was a happy bouncing kid there! So happy to be five and talking the doctor's ear off about everything. Touch wood, we hadn't been there since June of 2010! The only time we came in was for a flu shot! Is that wild or what?! We had a great winter! Which means I've just jinx myself for next winter.

She didn't do well on the eye exam. We'll keep that in mind. I had glasses by the 2nd grade so we shall see. And she was stubborn about the ear exam. (Ironic, right?) Maybe her listening ears really don't work!? I told her, "Look. Kiddo. Ya gotta do this right. It is important." She straightened up and then responded to the beeps in her ears.


I can't get beyond the fact that this is the last week of preschool. Just can't get over it. I feel sad and emotional about this transition. Which isn't surprising to me.

A long fun summer stretches before us and I have many reasons to be excited. She is going to continue to thrive. And I'm proud of her. But our preschool 'cacoon' is over. Our little safe bubble of nice kids. Excellent teachers. Caring families. And the 'real world' is beginning in September.

Flash back to September 2010. First day of preschool. Year two.

The taste of rejection

We had a rough weekend. I don't really know why it was so rough but it was. The kids seem to be moody, tearful and unsettled the entire weekend! That being said, on Saturday we did go to Sesame which always puts a smile on thier faces. It is so close! We have already gone about 6 times this year! Score!

Sunday we took a family hike which was nice. We met a friendly horse. We picked flowers. We chose our favorite rocks to hike with. We wore cool sunglasses. Our family does a lot of these hikes/walks. It is a good time to just get away.

Sunday night, I took the team on a short walk around the block. Which takes us approximately an hour.

We saw a 12 month old baby. Seren decided we should go say 'hi'. She really enjoys little kids and is very good with them. Very protective. So that was fine with me. We introduced ourselves to the mom and the baby. And then Wyeth picked two flowers for the baby. He held them out to her chubby little hands and she swiped them away. The flowers (weeds) fell to the ground.

In that saddest little voice, he came back to me for hugs and reassurance. "Baby no take my flowers. Baby no want them?"

Oh buddy. The first taste of rejection.

He moped a bit. He couldn't get over the fact that someone wouldn't want his flowers (flrrs).

He got home and told dad the same story. "Dad! Dad! I give flrs to baby. Baby girl no want them. Sad."

The he summed it by saying, "Hard to be two."

Which had both Sam and I laughing.

"Hard to be two."

I say that to him all of the time. When he cries. When something is just unfair. When something is frustrating. I say, "Wyeth. It is ok. I know. I know. It is hard to be two."

Somehow, "hard to be 34" isn't as cute. Just as apt but not as cute.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

At least we made the list

I put Wyeth down tonight. He was wearing Monkey pjs and being his usual hysterical self. The child is just so funny. Doing the normal things. I don't know if it is the adorable age, the language and words that he is still learning or just him but man, we could eat him up most days.

"Good night, Wyeth, I love you."
I love you Mommy.
"Aww, buddy. That is the best." I replied.
I love Daddy.
I love Sissy (seren) too.
"That's really nice Wyeth. I'll tell them."
I love that lamp.
I love that lamp.
I love that lamp too!
I love the train table.
I love the rug.
I love blue baby.
I love webby.
I love......

Like I said, at least we made the list.

Sweet dreams buddy!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The importance of picking out the right pair

Seren and her underwear.

Dear god.

It has to match the outfit she is wearing that day AND the activity.

On Saturday, I was getting her dressed. And she picked out the beloved Mini Mouse undies. Then she turned to me and said,

"Wait! It is Memorial day today?"

"Nope. That is on Monday."

"Well! Then forget these undies. I have to save them for the holiday!"

There you go.