Friday, April 29, 2011

Show me the Mommy

Happy Mommy on Easter Day with adorable guy on her shoulders.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wyeth breaks my heart (unintentionally). Every.single.morning.

"No momma. No go. Stay home."

When he says this, about three times a day, it flattens me to the earth.

Seren has a phrase which makes me laugh even though she says it in pure frustration.

"MOM! You are bugging on me! How am I supposed to play when you are trying to brush my hair! Stop bugging on me!"


Last night Seren was ruminating about the Easter bunny. "Mom, ya know what? Santa and the Easter Bunny are just really, really nice. Because they give us things that you and Dad say 'no' to. It is so nice of them! How do they know what we want!?"

I am the new celebrity in the house. Everyone wants me to put them down to bed. This celebrity status will not last long. But I do love it. Wyeth adamently argues, "Mommy me down. Daddy sissy down." (Translation: I want Mom to put me to bed and I'd like Dad to put Seren to bed.)

Again, it won't last long. The good. The bad. Nothing lasts too long.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap 2011

Easter isn't a 'huge' deal in our house. I never really understood how the Bunny was related to the historic/religious event. And we didn't 'see' the bunny at the mall growing up so I guess I'm continuing on some of those non tradition traditions.

But we managed to have a really nice Easter!

On Saturday, we got up in the pouring rain, put on Seren's fine Easter dress (sent from Grandma) and headed down for a fun egg hunt in Narberth (where my parents live). They had a blast looking for the eggs that my parents had hidden all over the first floor. Seren would look and squeal! Wyeth would find an egg, open it up, eat its contents and then go look for another. No delayed gratification here, thank you very much! My parents had stuffed them with crackers, stickers and other fun trinkets.

(no time like the present! Find an egg, crack it open and EAT the yummy stuff inside!)

Then my parents had a treasure hunt for their gifts. They each got a beach chair and had to follow crepe paper throughout the house until they reach the end of it. What fun!

So that was a blast!

Then we all piled in our respective cars and headed down to Newark Delaware to spend time with my Aunt Elena and Uncle Ken. We met at a fun, funky restaurant and really enjoyed our time and meal together.

Sunday they predicted rain and lots of it. But guess what? It was GLORIOUS! We had a blast outdoors. As a result, we are all exhausted today but it was just perfect!

Seren woke up very excited to see what the Bunny left her. "Mom! I don't think I can wait one more minute. I really don't think I can!" We had to wait several more minutes. But dressed up to the nines at 7:15 am, we all went downstairs to see what the bunny left. So many lovely things! The baskets were hidden so we had to find them first. And the excitement that ensued was contagious! We opened gifts and explored what he left us. Both of them really enjoyed it.

Opening gifts from grandma and grandad:

Found Seren's basket!

Wyeth and his basket:

At the bottom of the basket, when it was obvious that there were no more gifts she turns to me and says, in a sad little sort of voice, "I guess he didn't leave a kitten."

It was a sad moment but I couldn't help cracking a smile. I think she expected to really find a purring kitten under all of that plastic 'grass'!

Oh well, the other gifts made her happy. (Mid bounce of sheer joy at getting a bell for her bike)

Then we went on a big egg hunt. Dad hid the eggs while we finished up breakfast inside. And then we went wild looking for them!

(Can we go NOW!? Is it time NOW?!)

(Find egg. Eat contents. Find another egg. Sit. Eat)

Happy Easter 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

Show Me the Mommy: Memory Lane

Growing up we were very fortunate to have excellent family friends who lived in Watermill, NY. "Aunt Jane" is my mom's best friend from college. And every summer we would go up and visit our friends in the Hamptons. Aunt Jane's mom, "Aunt Gwen" was like a third grand mom to me. (And I know the logic of the "Aunts" makes no sense)These two women and their sisters were another family for our family growing up.

During these summers, they would let us stay in one of their amazing family beach houses. Some summers, my parents would paint the beach house in exchange. Or work on the pool deck. Since my parents were both teachers, we would stay in Long Island for 6 weeks at a time! What an amazing way to spend our summers. Truly, truly. I had a set of friends up there so my summers included sleep overs and birthday parties too.

My brother and I both have fond memories of time spend on the beach. We just played in the sand all day long. And we played in the dunes. I remember going to sleep in the houses with the sound of the ocean in my ears. I can still 'smell' the house we stayed in if I close my eyes. Lobster eating, eating crepes made by George Nelson (another family friend), dancing on the deck, finding a nest of baby bunnies, having the blue fish 'run', taking showers outdoors with frogs hopping about, bike riding on long, open roads past the family farms, and boating with family friends. So many memories! We were so lucky that their family opened their homes to us!

Just before we got pregnant with Seren, Sam and I stopped by Long Island- at Sagg Beach. And snapped a few pictures. At that point, it had been years since I had visited. And the houses had changed. The Hamptons are famous for being the homes of the rich and the famous. Billy Joel. Etc, etc. But for me,the Hamptons are synonymous with simple beaches, family friends and many fond memories.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



When do boys stop talking about poop? He has started. When does it stop?

When do boys stop picking thier noses? He has started. When does it stop?

Wyeth continues to be a giggle machine. Making hysterical laughing sounds at the drop of a hat. And it is contagious! I'm the worse and getting some laugh out of him and then not being able to stop myself. Doing it again and again just to hear his sweet laugh and voice. I want to get that laugh on tape! Included in our 'song list' is a made up song that I HAVE to sing about poop. Gross! And hysterical. He continues to be a picky eater and goes to bed too late. But he is happy.

She is our mimic. Doing lots of things we do. Including doing her 'taxes'. Daddy printed out an extra sheet and she is insisting on filling it in. She has listed her teachers as he 'dependents' and listed her day school too.

We were not given much financial aid for the private school we applied to. So...public school here we come! The sadness of this hasn't really hit me yet. (not the public school experience per se but the kindergarten part). Ok, really, it is rolled into one.

Seren is all drama, all of the time. She pulls it together when you give her a good stern pep talk. But last night, I left her upstairs for about 2 minutes while I helped Wyeth with his request for raisins and crackers. And I hear her moan, "Oh God. No one helps me in this world."


She is really getting into reading. Sam said it well, "We can tell she is trying to read because she is struggling wit the words." For a while, we couldn't tell if she had memorized the book or started to read. Now we know! It is exciting and I'm thrilled and so proud of her! Such big stuff!

Her birthday party will soon be upon us. Unreal.

She is playing soccer at a fun local league. No stress. No 'soccer under the lights' like we had in the fall. Just playing and being goofy. We love it. She is even playing! Bonus!

Seren is still wet every morning. What are other moms doing about this? Or are all May 2006 kids night trained? We aren't. At all. Clearly.

Working on publishing his book of poetry!! Stay tuned for links!
Looking for work that is meaningful
Holding down the fort and being an amazing sport
Running weekly

Managing to breath more often.
Taking time out once a month to not put the kids down and have dinner out with girlfriends.
Running twice a week.
Starting on planning another Habitat build day.
Working on internalizing the great quote from the Velveteen Rabbit, "It doesn't happen all at once. You become."

I take pictures. Many pictures. I'm sad they haven't made it the blog in many weeks. Part of it has to do with our new camera. Pics to come next post.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three (two) Little Words

I, of course, have been telling Wyeth all of the time since the moment he was born that I loved him. That we love him. That I love him.

As I tucked him in last night into his crib, I did the usual hugs and kisses after stories and songs. "I love you buddy. Good night Wy wy. I love you so much."

And then it happened!

"I too."


Friday, April 8, 2011

Time. Almost Five.

Seren's fifth birthday is coming up.




It has put me in a melancholy mood. Combine that with the fact that our Kindergarten situation is less than ideal and I'm feeling pretty emotional about sending my 'baby' to White Meat School.

I don't know what it is about parenting. Daily there are parts I just wish she'd grow out of. Her squirmy body. Her yelling. The whining. His throwing food on the floor. His tantrums. The fights. The yelling at each other. And there are parts I don't want to ever leave. I love that she holds our hands. I love that the kids imitate us- that we are like rock stars in thier minds. And I sometimes say to Sam outloud, "It isn't always going to be this good. They won't always want us near."

And it helps me focus on the PRESENT. The here. The right in front of my face reality and challenges and sheer joys of parenting.

When I put them down to sleep- and the singing through the monitors is replaced by quiet, I sometimes want to just go into thier bedrooms, scoop them up and hold them. Hold Seren's long, dangly legs that seem to almost reach the floor. Smell Wyeth's hair. The peach fuzz long since replaced by silky straight hair.

This is what we do. We clean. We love. We kiss. We scold. We encourage. We parent.

And at the end of the day, when exhaustion just takes over and dishes need to be cleaned and it is quiet, and I just want to fall into my heart of hearts, I look forward to doing it all over again. The next day.