Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Day Lights Savings

Wyeth has loved looking at all of the clocks and trying to figure out if they are on the right time or on the old time.

He noted one was the old time. And I told him, 'Right, because we haven't changed it yet'.

He says, "Oh, right. The time is different on that one because of the time travel."

Monday, March 2, 2015

The inventor

Wyeth is hysterical. His mind works in ways that my mind just doesn't work in. I've blogged about his creations. Give this boy a roll of tape and some cardboard and he is off and running!

On the night of the Daddy Daughter dance, Wyeth and I stayed home. We went out to a lovely dinner together and then made a creation. The first was just to build a slope. And roll the new bouncy ball down it.  That went well.


Then we added points. If the ball fell into a particular Tupperware, it got assigned a specific number of 'points'. Also fun.

Then we added toothpicks to see if we could stop the ball or slow down the ball. Ideally, it would move from side to side.  That was awesome to make but it didn't work.

This Saturday, we got really busy with making a pathway for a bouncy ball. He was a riot as we created this 'pathway'. We loved it! The ball had to go through the Cereal box, through the hole in the box, into a toilet paper roll, into an old Crest box, into a toilet paper roll, bounce off a plastic boat, fall into a third toilet paper roll and into an old Kleenex box.

Totally fun. Totally free. Awesome creativity!

I love being his mom.

Book Club

One of my personal goals in 2015 was to read more books. Less facebook. More books. And my office has an on going book club. So I joined up and read the "Book Thief". It was great but depressing. I found myself in tears several times! Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Not exactly 'light'. And not so good for the middle of winter. But Seren heard me talk about my book club for weeks because I was going to come up short in that I wasn't going to finish the book before we met.

Seren asked me if WE could have a book club. So she assigned me her favorite book- Holes. I read it quickly and really enjoyed it.

On Sunday, we went to the library, checked out a 'Study Room' and held our book club. Unbeknownst to me, she had prepared 8 'book club' questions. She brought them to our meeting and we discussed each one. I also asked her some questions. And we both wrote down our answers in our journals.

It was amazing! Since when do I have a daughter who assigns me reading, prepares study questions and then intelligently discusses the book?  Seren is a book worm. She just devours books. She wakes up early to read. And if she wakes up but then falls back asleep, she is angry at herself that she didn't have a chance to read. It is her favorite past time.  And she LIVES the books. She can go on and on and on about the novels she reads.

I'd say our first book club was a smashing success! We have already agreed to meet again!