Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Two nights ago Seren woke up at least 3 times having bad dreams. Dreams about spiders. Bugs. You name it, she dreamt about it.

I put her to bed last night and she said, "Mom, something must be wrong with my dream catcher. The bad dreams keep going through. I think the dream catcher is clogged."

I put Wyeth down two nights ago and did my usual, "I love you, Wy guy. Have a good night sleep. I love you so much."

His response was something like, "Night, night. I love you Megan." :)

I then heard little giggles coming from the dark corner of his crib.

Other updates: When will we move our wild boy from his crib to a big bed!? I don't want to do this. The child takes at least 30 minutes to unwind at night. He talks to himself. Sings. Plays. I can't imagine that a bed will help that 'quiet' time!

Seren lost her second tooth yesterday! Crazy! She is relieved. Now she can 'eat' again. Ya know, because she was sustaining herself on smoothies and all liquid diet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Crush on my Barista

I have a confession. I have a major crush on my barista.  I see him daily. And he is so cute! He always knows what I want, how much sugar I should put in and he delivers my beloved coffee to my outstretched hands with a warm smile. I know this sounds awful considering I am happily married, but he is just an amazing part of my daily routine.

And sometimes he doesn't even wear pants!

I love this daily part of my morning rountine!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I'm halfway through Gretchen Rubin's book, The Happiness Project. And I love it! She has some great ideas! I can relate to many of the themes in the book.

Between reading that and training for my little 5K, I seem to be in a happier spot. In fact last weekend when I was NOT in a happy spot and being grouchy, Sam said to me, "Just go run. You will feel better."

He was right. Of course.

So I'm running and feeling a little bit better about the state of my body. But not by much.

And our house is slowing getting into shape. But not by much. (Our bathroom light blew out two weeks ago...I have taken dark, dark showers).

And our friendships exist where they didn't before. But they aren't the "old friends" that know you when.

So a lot is better. It is just that I'm impatient. Impatient for it all to 'fit into place'. Which it never will. And it really isn't supposed to. Because if it did, where is the journey? What fun is life?

And I really don't want to wish away these days. These days are just amazing gifts! And I have two healthy children, an able mind and body and an amazing husband. And I can already see how my five year old will one day be 15. And suddenly being silly at the dining room table won't bring peals of laughter but eye rolling.

But I think happiness is something you have to DO. Certainly that is one of her messages. That we have to think the way we want to feel. The other key message that I have learned but need to learn time and time again is to just be me. That's really all I can be. I'm fairly authentic. People feel I'm genuine. But I always worried about how I'm perceived. Too insecure? Too nerdy? Probably on both accounts. I'm working on just getting over it and being Me.

I feel like since June, I've been working on a lot. Thinking a lot. Thinking about options. Moving forward. The path is totally undefined. I can't even discern what I'm moving forward towards. I just feel like I'm moving. Searching. Seeking. And that feels good. We are getting things done at our house. Things are getting cleaned. Decisions are being made. Small ones but decisions none the less. I feel less 'stuck' even though for all intents and purposes nothing has really "changed". Perhaps it is the running that has made a difference. Perhaps the kids are getting to an age where they actually are more independent which creates some free space in my brain. I don't know what it is.

I'm just happier.

I'll take it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The First Lost Tooth

All week it wiggled. It moved. It bled. It gave me the 'willies'. It brought drama. Much drama.

The loose tooth.

On Sunday after a full weekend of playing outdoors in goregeous weather, Seren and I came in from the playground. I got her a nice cold juice. Thirty minutes past and Sam said, "Wait! Seren! Open your mouth."

And just like was gone.

No blood. No tears. No yanking.

The problem was GONE. No tooth to save. No tooth to share with the tooth fairy. Just...gone.

We jumped for joy! This was SUPER exciting! Man was it a moment! She beamed with pride! Yes! She was an official big kid.

At night, I sat with Seren as she wrote the tooth fairy a note. "Dear Tooth Fairy. I lost my tooth. Please bring me a present. From Seren." Seren was worried that the tooth fairy woudln't have a pad a paper or pencil. So she left both of them out. She said, "Well, I wouldn't want her to fly all over the house looking for it!"

There were many questions about the tooth fairy. What did she do with all of those teeth? One theory is that she picked the best ones and would make them into her own teeth! (??) She was excited about the whole thing.

ANd I got to play tooth fairy! In my tiniest hand writing, I wrote a tiny little note. I thanked Seren for her thoughtfulness to leave out the paper and pencil but that I flew with my own size paper. (Very tiny). The tooth fairy left four quarters and a necklace for a present.

Seren woke up the next morning, Monday morning and just beamed! Wow! Present! AND she wrote a note! She read it and was amazed about how tiny it was.

It is all lies. The whole thing.

But seriously? I love it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Of Fairies and Pirates

There is a huge debate going on inside our house these days. What is an appropriate 'boy' costume.

On one side of the debate if the newly minted kindergartener who has decided that girls can ONLY be fairies, ballerinerinas or princesses. That's it. And only girls can be these things.

On the other side is the nearly 3 year old little boy. Who adores his sister. And pretty much anything she does. He too has decided to be a fairy princess.

We are talking about gender a lot these days.

After two weeks of insisting on being a princess, Sam bought a pink tutu and I got high heels and wings for his costume. It was coming together. We were fine with it! Seren would deal!

And last night he said, "I be pirate all day for Halloween."



A new milestone!

A wiggly, jiggly, very much LOOSE TOOTH!

I can't believe it! And the sight of it made me mist up. I remember when that bad boy came IN.

And Seren, in full Seren fashion, has taken to this news like the true Diva she is. "Mom! I can't eat hard foods. Not now. I have a loose tooth. I have to eat all of my food from this side of my mouth. See? See what I mean? Because this tooth, this one, this one is loose. So I just can't eat anything right here."