Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach 2009

Yeah! We finally got summer weather! After weeks of overcast and rainy weather, the sun decided to shine!

We made the most of June weekends- what a month! A girls weekend, a wedding in Baltimore, a trip to the Crayola Factory, and we ended it with a day trip to the NJ Shore! What a fantastic month!

Wyeth got his feet wet in the Atlantic Ocean and Seren had a blast just digging and playing. We went as a day trip- it was a long day and we missed nap but man was it good to be OUT. And so I present pictures of our Saturday. These also could be called, "Pictures of very pale people on a beach."

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who needs Meyers Briggs?

As someone who has spent a long time thinking about my "strengths" and "weaknesses" and what I'm good at and what needs work, I always find others' comments on my personality and working style to be fascinating. I love thinking about ways people 'fit' together. And what makes people tick.

I have taken several inventories that focus on working style, personality traits, etc. Turns out you just need to live with a 3 year old.

I was trying to fix a stubborn roll shade. The shade won't stay down. It never did. I think we installed it incorrectly. It is a pain. I was muttering about this and Seren piped up.

"Well, Poppy is a good fixer, he can fix it." (VERY true!)

Then she volunteered, "And Grammy is a good sewer!"

Then she paused. "Mom, what are you good at?"

For a moment, I froze in my tracks. I felt unprepared all of a sudden- as if at a job interview. I started wracking my brain. What am I good at? What do I really contribute? Ahh! Then I got over myself and snapped out of it. "I don't know, what do you think Seren?"

"Mom, I think you are a good sweeper."

"And Dad is a good cooker."

Care to guess which partner does what in our house?

I'm a good sweeper! Wonder how I can use that skill at work! It is a shame that policy analysts don't really need to know how to sweep, otherwise, I'd be climbing that corporate ladder!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Money down the drain

It has been pouring rain here for about 40 days and nights.

Ok, that is an exaggeration but it feels like an ark would be a more appropriate vehicle these days.

The rain has flooded the drains too.

I pay my child care provider cash. It is under the table and she doesn't have to pay taxes on this income. This is good in that we pay a little less than we would pay a center but bad because of two things 1)we don't get to claim it for tax purposes and 2) we always have to get the cash.

I always feel like a drug dealer carrying around hundreds of dollars in twenties. Last week, I made the mistake of thinking I needed to pay her. So I took the money out and then realized my mistake. Instead of putting it back into the bank, like I should have, I've been carrying around this monster pile of twenties. And worrying about loosing them.

After work yesterday, I ran out of the office with my envelope of cash. I was proud of myself for remembering it. I ran to my car with my three bags: breastmilk bag, briefcase, and purse. It was raining so I was really running.

I opened the door to my car which was parked in a huge puddle that was draining down to one of the large storm culverts. In my rush, I smacked my purse open somehow and all of those nice, clean, crisp twenties spilled out, falling into the water and began racing down to the drain.

I screamed and started scooping up the damn things. I was throwing them back into the car. It must have been quite the sight. Megan standing in a puddle, in the rain, scooping up money and screaming with both laughter and frustration.

I had a whole pile of sopping wet money to pay my dear child care provider!

In the end, I caught them all and was very relieved! But the expression on my face as well as the expression on my child care providers' face when I showed up with a pile of wet, soggy bills was classic. We laid them all out on her kitchen table to make sure they were all there and I'm sure they have dried.

Sam and I talk a lot about money and the ways we waste it. This would have really been one for the books if I had lost money by throwing it down the drain.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

blog housekeeping

How do I change the font on this thing? I hate that the font is sooo small. What gives? It looks tiny and boring.

Any ideas? Do I have to change the format in order to make it bigger?


My Favorite Time of Day

I continue to look for small, sacred moments in my life. Having been very involved in church in my life before kids, I really miss the community and the focus the church brings (to me). It has been hard to have been so involved in so many different groups (youth group, women's group, young people group, etc) and then not involved in any groups.

It is a sore spot right now as we continue to search for a church 'home' that shares our liberal values and our social justice politics. We just can't find what we are looking for.

Without that community, I'm left to my own devises in my attempts to remain grounded, passionate and focused on the here and now.

Finding moments to just live in the here and now continues to be a goal of mine. And every day, right around 5 am (or 4 am), I get what I am seeking.

It is around that time that Wyeth wakes up hungry. He still shares our room and I hear him rustling around in his crib. When I go to him, he is laying on his tummy. He flails in protest. And then when he sees that I have come to rescue him, it is pure grace.

His smile lights up the still-not-yet-sunlit-room.

And there, in that moment, that single moment, I feel at peace.

He then joins me in my bed to nurse. I doze. He nurses. And either he is up for the day and begins his action kicking and coo-ing or he goes back to sleep- crooked in my arm.

Every day.

It is the best.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Tuesdays with Mommy continue to be an awesome time for me. I really cherish my time with my kiddos.

Seren was a complete trip (as usual) yesterday and had some fun things to say.

When she dropped a cheerio outside she said, "Oh, I think the ants will find it. And they will say to me, "Oh, thank you Sister Seren!" (this was said in a tiny, squeaky, ANT voice). And I will say to them, "No problem. You're wel-boome". (welcome)

We randomly say a Canadian goose crossing the road near the mall. She said to me, "Where is his Mom!? He is crossing my himself!? That is NOT safe."

When feeding her Dolly a bottle she said, "This is good. This is pumped milk for you."

Yesterday, she was playing with another doll and told me the doll was going to a restaurant. I asked her which resturant. Friendly's? "No mom, they are going to Wednesdays." I thought about this for a second, "Do you mean Ruby Tuesdays?" :)

And when I asked her, "What does it mean when someone is proud of you?" She thought about it and said, "It means that I'm loved."

Love this age! Love it! We had a good day together. Just hanging out, returning some things at the mall, running around, avoiding the raindrops. Wyeth was very huggy and continues to teeth. Let's just saying that teething+nursing= ouch.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Girls Weekend

I had the pleasure of joining Laura and Umy this weekend in Philadelphia! Umy and I live near or in Philadelphia and Laura hails from Chicago. We stayed in a comfy and clean hotel downtown and no one had to cook or clean. We just rested. And slept. And talked. And ate.

When we planned this, we were trying to figure out what we were going to "do". My expectations were this: I wanted a salad and I wanted a glass of white wine. Anything else was just icing on the cake!

Umy and Laura are friends of mine from the University of Pennsylvania. I met them my Junior year when I transferred from Muhlenberg College. We became close friends fast and all stood up in each others weddings. When our 10 year college reunion came up this May, we decided that it wasn't really going to be TOO fun eating hamburgers and hotdogs on campus with a whole bunch of people we didn't know. All for a $40.00 picnic. I started "operation alternative Penn reunion" and it was a blast!

We had not seen each other in over three years. I was pregnant with Seren, and Laura was pregnant with Joshua. Three years later, we added Wyeth and Laura is expecting her second. Umy already had her two older boys. Despite the fact it had been three years, we left off where we started. And that was laughing.

We got together and talked until midnight the first night. As three very sleep deprived people, we couldn't believe we were up that late. But I felt a great energy from being with them- so much that I couldn't go to sleep! The rest of the weekend was spent chatting, eating and walking.

I felt totally refreshed! Umy asked me some good pointed questions about my life dreams. Questions like, "So what is stopping you!?" Good friends ask those sorts of questions. Questions that get you thinking. And I fell back into my story telling days- stories that made both of my friends cry tears of laughter.

Leaving on Friday, I battled intense guilt. I cried all the way down to Philadelphia. And on Sunday, the guilt crept back in. I worried about pumping enough. I worried about missing them. I worried about poor Sam's energy! But Sam and the kids had a blast too!

Can I just say, there is NO way I would have been able to do what Sam did this weekend. He took them grocery shopping on Saturday- going to all three stores. Then he took them to a park in NJ. THEN he took them Strawberry Picking. After nap, he took them out to dinner! All by himself. HELLO!? Sam is my personal hero.

In short, the weekend was just what I needed!

Thanks you guys for being good friends! We all need time away from the routine and time to remember all that is great about life! (pics to be posted later when I get them!)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Captain Underpants

Toddler underpants have to be some of the cutest things around. For three years, you get used to seeing the padded diapered butts. The diaper sticking out from the top of the waistline.

And then they train. And it is a glorious day! Undies! No diapers! And suddenly, instead of running out of diapers, you run out of clean underwear for your daughter. And instead of the cute diaper tush, you just see...well, it reminds you that you should call the plumber.

Seren has been very proud of her Elmo undies since the first day she wore them. She insisted on showing everyone around that she was wearing them. "See my undies, Grammy? See 'em Poppy? I've got Elmo on."

And I love em.

Wyeth, was an unfortunate, unwilling participate in laundry folding this past week. I couldn't help myself.

The first shot, he is amused.

The second, confused by the fact that the undies are still on his head.

By the third picture, he is getting all up in my face with his hand on his hip in protest.

Sorry, kiddo. What can I say? Mommy just gets punchy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wyeth is Six Months

Happy half birthday, my love muffin! I can't wrap my head around the fact you are six months already. You still seem so "new" to me. So small. But when I hang out with 3 week olds, I'm reminded how much you have grown.

You continue to be a complete joy. You smile ALL OF THE TIME! We love it! You are most entertained by your sister who can send you into peels of laughter. And your belly laughs can bring tears of joy to my eyes. You are now eating applesauce, avocado and rice cereal. You continue to nurse about every 3.5 hours.

Your ability to sit up has been a welcome change. You spent a full 20 minutes sitting in your crib playing while I ironed clothes this past weekend and could not have been happier.

The past few days you have been fussy- with teeth coming in. Pain must be a strange sensation to you and quite the bother. As a result, everything is going into your mouth. You even sucked on Seren's toe last night because she offered it to you!
(Your own toes are a big hit as well!)

My boy, slow down! You are growing too fast!

Here are some goofy pics that I have taken of you the last two weeks. We love you Wyeth! Thank you for being you.