Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday, Field Trip, Mothers Day

Seren celebrated her bday on her bday by having cupcakes in school (always a big hit) and then going out to dinner for her bday with Grammy and Poppy and us. She picked Friendly restaurant.

Really? You sure? Friendly's?

But when we got there, the drain pipe didn't work and the restaurant was closed so we ended up at TGIF. (shoot!)

The next day I joined the preschool on a big class trip to NJ Garden State Discovery Museum. Sam took the kids earlier last spring. Seren and her class were SOO excited. The best part, hands down, was the bus. They had never been on a big yellow school bus before and WOW did they have FUN! Awesome to see them bouncing around like that! At one point, there were four little girls in one seat! And after 5 years of carefully strapping them in car seats, it was wild to see them 'free' in the school bus.

I had a good time with the class. They are a great group of kids. And Seren had a good time too. I sat next to one of my 'mom' friends which is always nice! What a riot. It was good to spend time just enjoying the little things. What a riot! The bus was very memorable!

Friday at the office, I had to prepare for two full weeks of travel. Back to back site visits. Leaving the office was not easy at all!

And then, all of a sudden, it was Mothers Day! May has been a blur. And I have taken some good photos but all of them are in our camera as we haven't been able to download. Pics to come!

Here are some good ones of Mothers Day with my mom and dad. We went to a beautiful garden called Chanticleer! It was the last day of sunshine in May! (Seemingly) The kids surprised me with cards and gifts. And my mom and dad treated us to a yummy yummy lunch at home and some rest.

I can't believe how fast this is all happening. My work life has been really challenging with the two trips and I feel like it is a blur. Only 3 more weeks of school and then the big K. I still can't get over that. Between that huge milestone and turning five...sigh.

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