Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lost and Found

Readers of this blog, all 8 of you, are well aware of Wyeth's love for Webbie, the stuffed turtle. We are in Michigan and have spent a lovely week together as a family and with Sam's family. We even did the 11 hour trip in one day! Unreal! We left at 7:20 and arrived right before 8 pm. It was awesome! And my friend Kristin lent us a DVD player. We finally plugged it in at 3 pm. I cracked at 3 pm. And I pulled out the nuclear option. Fabulousness! Peace and quiet for 2 hours. Then we had a dinner and got 'home' by 8 pm.

So we did it!

And we have had a good time. Resting. Eating. And just enjoying each other. I really have loved being around my kids. They are WORK. As all kids are. But they are awesome!

On Tuesday we went to a children's museum here in town. The kids had a great time. But by nap time, after lunch at McDonalds, there was no Webbie. I called McDonalds. Nothing. I called the museum- nope, no turtle had been turned in.

Wyeth did fine with nap but was inconsoleable at night. He cried. He missed Webbie. Where was he? Was he safe? Would we find him again? He cried. It was so sad.

And I wasn't doing much better. I went to bed thinking of that darn turtle and woke up with the stuffed turtle on my mind. I was not going to rest easy until we found him.

For me, he is a symbol of Wyeth's childhood. The stuffed turtle has followed us everywhere. Wyeth expresses his own emotions through Webbie. He is another member of our family! And he was lost!

As soon as the museum opened, I called. Wyeth looked expectantly at me during the phone call. No luck. So we drove 25 minutes over there. I wasn't going to leave until we found Webbie! When I explained our situation to the front desk, she was immediately cool about it. I ran through the museum- all of my energy focused on finding that ratty Turtle!

And there, with all of the museum's stuffed animals was OUR VERY OWN WEBBIE!

I actually had tears in my eyes when I saw him.

He was back.

I ran out of the museum with Webbie raised high in my hands. Triumphant!

Never had we experienced such relief.

He was lost and is now found.

Yet another reason to be grateful on this happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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Whitney said...

Megan, what a sweet story!! You are such a dedicated mom!! Reminds me of this sweet video:

Ah, the love for a lovie! Thank goodness you found it!!!