Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of Second Grade

Seren woke up at 7:00 SO excited! "TODAY is my first day!" She requested braids, two of them, with pink hairbands up top and purple hairbands below. And she really wanted to get dressed in her new 'uniform' dress code dress and wear her monkey underwear. "Did you notice? The teacher had a theme with monkeys! I'm going to wear my monkey underwear!"

We all were nervous and anxious about the day. It was a rushed decision but we hoped a good one. We had her on the black top by 8:20. First pictures taken. She knew no one. And that feeling on being lonely and alone made me feel such anxiety FOR her. She said "Mom, I think I'm going to have to hold your hand."

But she was excited, poised and brave. And off she went!

And mom cried all of the way to work. Oh my heart. Away from me. My preemie child. Off to second grade.

I was on pins and needles all day. I got an email from the teacher reporting that she was having a great day at 2 pm. Relief.

And seeing her at night? She couldn't stop talking. About everything! How different it was! "When I held up my hand for silence and gave eveyone the zero, no one knew what I was doing!" (This refers to the 'voice' chart that they had at the other school. Zero meant silence.)

Seren had an amazing first day! She was thrilled and so were we. She talked about how cool art class was ("did you know there were two dimensions to art, mom? Positive and negative?"), how fun music was ("wanna hear my song about the Apple? ready?") and the new friends she made (" I made friends with Olivia on the way down to lunch.")

The principal emailed at 10 pm at night to check in with us about the first day.

She has BOOKs. And a planner! And structure! And Spanish! And music and art and SCIENCE! This is a breath of fresh air.

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Beth said...

This makes me so, so happy Megan! I am with you on the not-blogging-much issue, and it is what it is. I plan to update at some point very soon. But I've been wondering about your guys and I know you really wanted public school to work, but as parents, you HAVE to do what's best for your child. You have to. Period. All the idealism in the world does not change the here and now. So I'm so glad you found a fit and so glad Seren had a great first day. And bummed that your house is still on the market and that you've had a bad time with your realtor. And now I'm inspired to finally update my blog, too!