Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Inventor

Wyeth loves to invent things. Lots of creations are coming out of his head these days. 'Nap' still lives on at our house. Most days for about 30-60 minutes the kids have to stay in their rooms for quiet time. We do this because we all need it. The kids, due to the ages they are, and the insanity that this summer has brought, tend to bicker and fight. Not all of the time. But enough that by 2 pm, we all need some quiet.

So quiet we get.

Seren reads. She reads a ton of books. She is happiest when she has her guinea pig on her chest and a good book in her hands. She got way into the Harry Potter series this summer. She read them with Sam but not has re-read vol 1, 2, and 3 several times. She speaks in a different language now. Most of it focused on Harry Potter. But she is happy.

Wyeth invents projects. Mostly with tape. And string. During our three weeks when we all stayed with my in-laws, both kids were working on a group project and Wyeth often noted it was a highlight.

Anyway, now we are in our new home and the inventing continues. Today he created a small house out of a used tissue box. "The roof is made out of a tissue. So it is very very fragile. but see? it has a nice deck and great windows."

I asked him to pose in front of the house that he and Seren made for Webby (complete with a slide entrance, door mat, 'welcome sign' and tv antennae), his house today, his rocket blaster that he made and his home made necklace.

Wyeth also just make me laugh with his questions. He continues to be incredibly touchy. He likes to talk while touching the listener. And he 100% believes that his stuffed turtle is real and has feelings. And I love that. And it won't last much longer.  I love that too.

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