Monday, October 27, 2014

First Sleepover party

Seren successfully attended her first sleepover party this past weekend! What an amazing time for her! And the mother of the birthday girl asked me to stay to make sure everything was under control. So it was a great time for me too! (I left at 8:45!).  The girls were just a really great group of KIDS. Like the nice girls. And Seren was right there in the middle of them. Feeling confident in who she is.  (Until I started to leave for the night. Then? She was a little concerned. No one to tuck her in. But she did it- no calls on my cell in the middle of the night!)

It is happening! We are adjusting!
off she goes!

Silly girls!


Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

check her out!

Beth H said...

Having fun making new friends and enjoying life. Love it.