Thursday, May 14, 2015

Udon Soup

My kids continue to be picky eaters. I continue to blame us for not having consistent food policies. Some weeks, every night, we require them to eat a new food. Other weeks, we give up. Sometimes we say, 'You don't have to do. It is your choice. But you can't get cheerios if you don't try." I have read about developing bad relationships with food. All of that. And for this, we've screwed up royally. We didn't want to bribe with dessert. But as a result, my son, in particular, has a select palate. So frustrating! Especially at age SIX. And part of me, when I watch him try something new, and watch him over chew it, gag on it and then swallow, really does think there is something 'wrong'. That he really has some medical challenges with texture, etc.

We don't go out to dinner often. But when we do, we limit our food choices to places with fries. Which is ridiculous!

The ONE place that we can go where the kids tolerate our choice is out to Sushi. Sushi is probably my most favorite food. Ok, Sushi and Thai. The kids get HUGE edamame peapods and Sam and I get to eat to our heart's content.

This Sunday, for Mother's Day, my in-laws took us to sushi. It was SO good.  And Wyeth, the picking, gagging kid, ate ALL of those edamame.

At the end, we asked him to eat TWO udon noodles. Just two. He picked at it. Plopped it back into the bowl. Cried. The usual. But he ate the one noodle.  Then he said,

"That's it! I'm not eating any more breast!"

What? You aren't eating what?

"No more breast! Yuck! There are mushrooms in there! Gross green things. No more breast!"

Ok, dude. You mean, BROTH. You don't want any more BROTH? That's fine.

We had to chuckle which further pissed him off.  My six year old son is just a small, young version of a grumpy old man.

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