Friday, July 9, 2010


I worry (shocking, I know) that my kids aren't affectionate enough. Seren has never been a big hugger. She is quite mercurial. Hot and cold. Somedays, full of hugs. Otherdays, she has been known to refuse affection.

I am a hugger. I love hugging people. My whole family is a family of huggers.

So it is hard to have a wee one that doesn't come running into your arms every day. It is hard to have to request a hug at the end of the day. She'll give one to you. Eventually.

I should just accept my kids as my kids and move on. Because that is just who she is. But I also think that teaching kids to hug after receiving a gift or snuggling after a long day, is important.

This being said, Seren IS affectionate with her brother. In fact, that is the only person who is guaranteed to get a hug in the wee morning hours. She asks him to come into her bed and she snuggles him. He just lays his head on her shoulder and they hug.


And then there is Mr. Snugglesaurus. Until about mid June, Wyeth preffered my arms to anyone's and would just sit there and snuggle. All of the time. And very recently, he hasn't requested as much time with me. It makes me sad. I'm no longer a mom to a wee baby. I'm working through this. He is 19 months and doing his own thing more often.

But as of yesterday, he is a kisser! I got home to work, said hi to everyone and started playing with Seren. He then walked over to me from across the room and gave me a kiss on my cheek! It rocked!

Then again, this morning I boldly asked him for a kiss. A smile spread across his face and he kissed me on the cheek while making the kissing sound and smiling.

I can't think of a better send off.

And tomorrow is FAMILY day (a weekend day!)


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Sounds like the perfect send-off! My guy has been more like Seren (and I am like you about hugging) so I still usually have to ask and deal with his refusals at least half the time. It is hard to just accept that it's who they are, so I'm glad you got at least one lovebug, even if it is changing forms a bit. : ) Enjoy your family day tomorrow!!

Julie said...

Like Seren, Lana too is not a hugger. I have to ask most days. When she first started going to preschool and was having separation anxiety she would cry when I left. The teacher tried to hug her and she said through her sobs, "I am not a hugger" The teacher started laughing.

I am holding out hope that Lacey is my snuggle bunny, like Wyeth.

Have a great weekend!