Monday, July 12, 2010


***Seren has had some interesting observations on our hot, wacky weather.

"Mom! It is FREEZING HOT out here."

"Today it is really hot and mudgy."

***Wyeth fell asleep with Goodnight Gorilla in his arms. The book.

***Wyeth is a complete joy. He is learning words slowly now. And the world is opening to him. Reading books is fun. Oh, is he ever a love bug. I seriously just sit and stare at him sometimes. Wondering where he came from.

***He also giggles hysterically when he passes gas.

***Actually, living with Wyeth is kinda like living with the stereotypical fraternity brother. He is all about passing gas. He also does things like pour water over his face and laugh manically. Then he will run around naked.

I don't know. I can just see into the future and visualize him doing all of these things in his 20s. And I shudder. It is a lot less cuter.

***Today was a new household record. Seren and Wyeth slept past 7:30. Unheard of! Unprecedented! Tired, tired kids.

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