Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cape Cod 2011

We spent 12 days as a family in Cape Cod this year. 12 whole days. And the best part?At the end of it, I wanted more time.

We took off and headed up to West Hartford to visit the fabulous Levy family. We then all headed off to Cape! We had our toes in the sand by 12:30 Saturday the 23rd and pretty much lived on the beach everyday through August 1st.


Not everyday was suny. We had a few days of rain. We improvised and did arts and crafts. Score!

There were many highlights as a family:
** I could actually relax this year. And did.
** I drank good Pino Grigio and ate great brie.
** We had some great icecream
** The kids played together as a group of four- VERY well.
** Seren and I took showers in the outside shower everyday and then I dried her hair in a towel turban. She called this 'fancy hair'.
** Both kids loved the beach.
** Both kids started to use the boogie boards this year! Score!
** Sam and I had an amazing date night- a beautiful hike to the beach and a great, great dinner out. Anniversary number 9!
** Being on the beach at 5:55 AM with two kids wearing thier pajamas and toting pails.
** We saw whales and seals in the evenings on the beach. One night we were passed by a family with two little dogs that were in harness leashes. While the three of us were geeked out by the whales, Wyeth saw this and came running up to me. Breathless he said, "I SAW REINDEER!" Apparently, seeing the dogs in the harnesses reminded him of Santa's sleigh.
** Time with my best friend Sam and my best friend Andy is a great deal!

We took over 500 pictures. None of which have been edited. And since there are so many, I most likely won't ever get to it! But we took good ones. I just don't have time to really mess with them. But I will! Because I took the time to take the 500 pics!

I have had a hard time recently so just being able to unwind, unplug and just recharge felt so, so, so good.

I had that 'after vacation, I need to change my lfe/attitude/everything' feel for approximately 24 hours. And then the grind called! But it was seriously what I needed. Naps. Good food. Sleep. Family and sun.



PC said...

This sounds like an amazing trip for everyone, especially you! Just want you needed. Can't wait to catch up.

PC said...

ok...WHAT you needed. Typing too fast :)

LauraC said...

WOO HOO! So glad you had such a great trip and I LOVE that last picture!!! They are getting so big!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Fantastic way to enjoy your vacation! Hope you're feeling refreshed and not overwhelmed by vacation laundry. ; )
That last picture is such a heart-melter!