Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fighting for Air time

Remember how much I fretted that Wyeth had delayed speech? That as he approached two we had about 11 words under our belt?

That has changed 180 degrees.

And I kid you not, my children FIGHT for air time.

The best 5 minutes of my day are also the work five minutes of the day. It is the moment I walk in the door. Now, as it gets colder, the kids don't greet me at the car door. They (not so) patiently wait inside. And I open up the door. The noise begins. I am greeted with huge, amazing hugs from very short people. Who sometimes seem shorter having spent the day at the office with regularly sized people.

And I swoop them up into my arms. Hugs all around. My purse and briefcase aren't even set down yet. It is amazing. Absolutely amazing.

And it also sucks.

Each kid then begins to tell me everything about their day. AT THE SAME TIME. And they start to fight. And cry. Big tears about why they can't tell Momma something. Or if the big story is a shared story (in that it happened to both of them) then real chaos ensues. It is horrible! They hit each other yesterday because Wyeth was interrupting Seren. And Seren was telling the story too fast. And it was a mess.

And I haven't even come inside the doorway yet.

I'm thrilled to hear it. And to hear it all. Every last detail. About kindergarten. About time at the playground. About the latest thrift store find. About the new table in their room upstairs.

But man.

Any ideas on the welcome home process and how it can so smoother? Any one else's kids fighting for "air time"?

Then there is my poor husband. Who, by the time I make it through the gauntlet of emotions just getting from the front door to the kitchen, only gets a weak "hello" and limp hug from me.



Whitney said...

OMG, I was just thinking about this conundrum yesterday! I come home to one crawling, crying over to me, and the other is sometimes nonchalant, other times crying and needy himself. It is so. hard.!! Another friend suggested maybe doing a special routine, like turning on some special music or something having a big hug, and then maybe dividing up, or having a special treat (yeah, I know, can't really do a treat every day, that was my reaction). But, yes! We have the same thing at our house, and one isn't even verbal yet. Rough!

Whitney said...

Oh, and meanwhile, when dad gets home, it's all smiles, being thrown in the air, and happiness. None of the drama...

Beth said...

When I used to bring both boys home at the same time, they would often fight about who got to talk. Now it's easier because I pick up Seth first, and then William. As for your dilemma, have you had a "family meeting" about it? Maybe Seren and Wyeth (maybe less so, Wyeth) could come up with their own solution. Maybe Sam can talk with them before your arrival about who's going to tell you what, and who gets to talk first. Oh the drama! Good luck. :-)