Monday, November 14, 2011

October Wrap Up

It is Mid November. MID November! And I haven't recorded a darn thing!

I didn't tell you about painting Wyeth's bedroom from a lovely shade of purple to a great blue.  It took us over two weeks painting at night to do it. We slept on a futon. Wyeth slept in our room. It sucked but it looks great! "After" pics to come.

I didn't tell you about date night out with good friends, Christine and Jason. Like high school double dating! It is much more magical now that we have to coordinate two sitters!

I didn't tell you about the Dollie birthday party I planned with our neighbors from down the street. Pizza and cake were served. Each special doll (or turtle in Wyeth's case) was sung too. Good times!

I didn't tell you about the freak snow storm that surprised us with 3 inches of snow!

I didn't tell you about the fact that my long time friend from California, Krysta, came to visit us for two days.

I didn't tell you that my best friend Andy got snowed out of her house for 10 days without power and escaped down to PA for the adventure. That meant we got to treak or treat with her!  We also joined up with our good friends Christine and Jason.  6 kids under 6! AWESOME!

I didn't tell you about Halloween! About the fact that we went to join my parents in the community parade that I did as a kid. And despite the snow, loved it. My parents dressed up too!

I didn't tell you about the fact that early in the month we realized we were in the SAME CLASS as 'white meat".

I didn't tell you about the hikes and outdoor adventures we went on. Full of fall beauty.

I didn't tell you but I meant to.


Adrienne said...

LOVE the old bridesmaid dress you wore as the tooth fairy. Very impressive! Was that from my wedding? The color looked kinda right...

Whitney said...

Great to see Wy in the pirate outfit! Glad it worked!