Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Boy Bed: Part One

Around these parts, we often take the cheap (hard) way to do things.  With a tip from my mom, we noticed that President's Day is a good time to buy a mattress.

And we do have a big boy in our house. (Big boy= wears undies).  (If you call him 'baby boy' as I often do, he will correct you).

Anyway, we bought a mattress back in February. It was sold out. We waited. And waited.  Meanwhile, we have no actual desire to do this transition. He is a night cake at night on a good night! Chatting. Singing. Reading. Making requests for our time. Well until 9:15 pm. 

But we bought the mattress. And my parents already gave him sheets and a comforter for Christmas. We essentially are all set.

We just had to go pick it up. Ya know. To avoid the delivery fee.

Here is us last week picking up the mattress, strapping it to the car and holding on to it for dear life as we headed home.

Part One accomplished.

Now we just need to assemble the bed my parents are loaning us, and 'deal' with the transition.