Monday, April 9, 2012

Animals At the Office

One day last month Wyeth looked up at me with his big blue smiling eyes and said, "Mommy! Reindeer Baby has been wanting to come to the office with you! Can he come today? And can you take pictures?"
"Sure" I replied weakly.

Wyeth started dancing around with joy. And I tucked "Reindeer Baby" (RB) into my purse for a long day at the office.

Then I started to have fun. I took pictures of him doing various things and sent them back to Wyeth, my mom and dad (who were watching him in the morning) and Sam.

Here he is typing:

Here he is making lunch:

Here he is on his 3 pm coffee break:

I continued to crack myself up. At one point, when I was bringing him back from the lunch room, my colleague (and friend) asked me, "Megan! Are you carrying a stuffed reindeer?"  Why yes I am. I proceeded to tell the above story. Minus the part about taking pictures of it.  When I concluded that he was visiting me for the day, she asked the next logical question, "Ok, So, it is with you. Why are you walking in the hallway with it? Are you taking it to meetings with you?" I sheepishly replied "Because I was taking a picture of it by the microwave and sent it to my son via my cell phone."


Parenting is so humiliating.

But the day ended. And I ran out the door.

Wouldn't you know I left the damn thing on my desk!

Tears ensued when I returned home empty handed. Big sad tears.

I told Wyeth he was having a sleep over.

The next morning Seren comes up to me with a twinkle in her eye. You know the one.  "What's up kiddo!?"

"Can you take pink baa-baa to the office today??"

Oh lord. They were multiplying! So he came the next day. When I got to the office I immediately pretended Reindeer Baby was still sleepping and sent this to Wyeth.

Then Pink Baa Baa got in on the office action.

Answering the phone.


Heading out for a walk:

It was ridiculous.

And I loved every minute!

Everyone has heard of "bring your kids to work day". But come on! I showed creativity! Bring your kids' stuffed animals!? Awesome!

Who do you want to bring?


LauraC said...

I love it!!

Whitney said...

Yay! So happy to see this post! What a wonderful, creative, loving mom!! Love, love, love those pictures!

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

I'm crying laughing. I want to bring all three of you to work with me! "Megan lies on sofa, researching book formats, while raindeer edits proposal and baabaa emails agents".