Sunday, September 2, 2012

Michigan Trip 2012

We left for Flushing Michigan on August 23rd after a very quick  and busy 3 weeks of work in between vacations.

What a total blast this has been. We left Thursday and drove all day. We made it here to Grandma and Grandad's by Friday at 12. It was just perfect. A long trip but a great one. And no threat of snow this time as we traveled in the summer.

On Saturday, the 25h, we ran the Crim. The Crim is a huge race that drew 13,500 registered runners to Flint, MI. I have heard about the Crim since I first met Sam over 11 years ago.

I had been training but not that hard. Sam really trained.  And in the end, we all registered and ran the race. I was so proud of our little family.

The night before I was so nervous! I had yet to run 5 miles in my life! What made me think I could do this! Work three long days in the office, drive 12 hours and then run 5 miles starting at 9:30 in the morning?? I never run in the mornings!

But run we did.

Sam started his 10 mile race at  8 am. He was through the finish line before I even started. He did very very well. He was disappointed by the rough start. But he did well.  I was so proud! He has been a runner but he hasn't run much in the past 6 years. But he put his mind to this race!! Wow, he did very well. At age 38 he ran 10 miles in 1 hour, 25 min and 38 seconds. He placed 1598 out of 8,955 runners!

Meanwhile, I was off and running. It was hot and humid. But I was so proud of myself. I stopped twice- once to tie my shoe and once in mile 4.5 because I thought I was going to die. But I only stopped for 20 feet because seriously? I HAD to finish.  I was pumped for the whole thing! There was a great  energy in doing something like that will all of those other runners! I ran the five miles in 47 minutes and 30 seconds which is quite slow but I had never run 5 miles. I finisheed 7th in my age group of 62 runners. I finished 173 out of  1378 so all in all, a great show. Not bad for 35. Not bad at all.

I came across the finish line, barely feeling my legs. I heard my daughter's distinct voice yelling GO MOM! It was clear as day. All of those people. All of that sweat. My tired legs and there it was, a GO MOM! From Seren.  I waved to the left to recognize it.

Then I just made it home to the finish line.  Going through I thought I was going to vomit or pee. Or both. So dehydrated! So gross. I made it across and asked one of the volunteers, "WHY do people do that??" He smiled and said, "I don't know. But you just did."

I couldn't speak for a few moments and actually thought I was going to faint.  So clearly I neeed to hydrate more the days before the race, train more and lift weights.

But to just finish? And to finish in under 10 minute miles? AWESOME.

Then we played for a bit! We had to do SOME playing!

Seren's 1 mile race was next. She was nervous.  Her exhausted Dad took her to the starting line. Sam, barely able to move after his race, ran side by side for another mile. She beamed as she took off. And when she finished, they called out her name. I got tears in my eyes as she finished. So great!

Finally, after starting the day at 7am, Wyeth's race started at 1 pm. They had 'waves' of toddlers doing the Teddy Bear trot. What a total riot! Wyeth wanted Seren to join him. And she wanted to be the big sister but we aren't totally comfortable with them on thier own. So I ran too.

It was a .25 mile race down main street. He ran the whole thing- sprinting his little legs off.

At the end, he reached back and took her hand. They crossed hand in hand. Man, life is good.

After that, we filled our days with a Day out with Thomas, a visit with Rhett, a visit with the Veenhuis family, Antwan's family and Amanda and her family.  I worked three days and then we have spent the rest of the time in the amazing 12 acres- hiking, swimming in the pool and eating too much.

What a great way to end summer 2012. A chance to be outside, rest and just unwind.  I'm quite emotional about school starting. Very much so. And I have LOVED my summer. It was a bit tough work wise. But spending 8 days in Cape Cod and then nearly 2 weeks here? AWESOME. I haven't had that much time off in a long time and it feels very good.

I love my family. My family of runners. The people who make life amazing.


Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

i love this. what a model of what family should be!

Beth said...

How awesome! So impressed, and what an awesome ending--with Seren and Wyeth holding hands. Be still my heart! I hope September is as good to you as August was!