Sunday, September 9, 2012


Wyeth has been hysterical recently. After a rough few weeks in July, his August has gone very well. That being said, however, he was NOT pleased with us last night for punishing him.

He noted, "Eewy Mommy and Daddy are ruining my entire life!"

Later Seren asked him, "What are you doing now Wyeth?"

"I'm just staying away from horrible Mom and Dad who are mean and being fussy with me."

Seren was then mean to him (it was a rough dinner). 

"If you keep being mean to me, I'm not keeping you in my life."

He has a flair for the dramatic.
Seren was reading the label of a banana. One of those 'fresh' stickers. She read, "Raisin with tender loving care."

Sam asked her about that. "Read that again? Raisin?"

"Oh, you are right. There is no 'n'. I see now, raised with tender loving care."

Jolly and toothpick, Wyeth's imaginary friends, are back in full forth. Recently, they are working with the police to keep the 'mean guys in jail.

Seren spent time swimming in the pool in Michigan. She loved the googles this year. She reflected, "Well, these googles are good. They protect my eyes. But now I need some sort of mask for my mouth so the water doesn't get in there!"

Wyeth's whole approach to speaking..which he does constantly, is adorable. I love his phrases. I can't capture them all. But one thing he says all of the time is "do-es". As in " Webbie do-es that." (Webbie does that).  He also continues to be perplexed by the time of day. He doesn't know if he is waking up from nap sometimes or from the  night. "Is it night time this day?"

We were reading a book and one of the pages was about the top most used letters in the English language.  Four of the letters were 'i', 's', 'n' and 'o'. Among others. Seren's vocabulary floored me. When we asked her for words that began with those letters, she noted

Incubator for "i"
Salutations for "s"
Nutritious for "n" and
Octopus for "o"

I was impressed. And relieved that octopus was normal. Incubator!?



Beth H said...

Salutations from a proud grandma who is cooking a nutritious meal.

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Best update ever.