Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sad to see some moments go

I knew raising a boy would be different. I immediately freaked out when they told us we were having a son. I was excited, of course. But how to deal with all of that 'boy stuff'?? Like the gun phase. Or the super hero phase, or of course, the teen boy phase. And we haven't hit any of it yet. But I know we are only about 12 months away from the guns and the capes. If that. I don't have too much problem with it; it is just who some boys (and some girls) are.

But I'll be sad to see this phase go. This phase where Wyeth is still all about his stuffed turtle. Webby. Webby who calls me up to give me hugs at night. Webby who pretends things with Wyeth. He may look like a stuffed turtle to you but this turtle has big dreams. Webby 'feels' for Wyeth. "Webby is scarred of all of that noise. Webby doesn't like the noise." 

Wyeth also is just adorable with compliments he gives me.  Last weekend I took him to his first bday party where he was the guest- not big sister. He was so excited for CAKE! Of course. So I got dressed for the party. He insisted I wear the necklace, the 7.00 one from the thrift store, to the uppity party. No problem! He loved when I put them on. Then he said, "Mom! Where is your party dress?"

Wyeth is into fashion a bit. Last weekend, Sam purchased about 150 worth of used clothing for the kids. We are done! The entire wardrobe is now purchased! Sam noted that he got something a bit special for Seren. He pulled out a velour dress for Seren. And Wyeth's big bottom lip started to push out. And then the quiet tears. I asked him what was wrong and he explained he didn't get a dress. Oh my sweet love. We would look for him at the next sale. He dropped the issue after  a bit more encouragement but to see that lower lip quiver over a dress?

Everything he says is a riot! Well, not everything. But it all comes out in a crazy way. He explained that Blue Baby, his doll is still his baby. " I still sing to him and rock him and give him a bottle. The problem with babies is that they poop."

True dat!

Anyway, perhaps it is still the new school year, or the fact that I"m a romantic to begin with, or the fact that America keeps loosing it babies to violence, but I keep holding out to as much as I can. I already see that age 6 is one of defiance, limit testing and at least in our house, some attitude. Which isn't to say that Wyeth is peachy keen. He can throw a fit like the rest of them! But that little boy innocence? The one that wants only me to put him to bed, who talks all of the time with a stuffed turtle and who gets very scared when there is conflict in stories or shows? That isn't going to hang around. Not at all. So I'm just going to hold on and ride this ride while I can!

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

We love Wy's passion for fashion. Have a little somethin for him.