Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wyeth's feelings

Age three is a tricky one. There are tantrums. And lots of anger. And frustration. And there are sweet moments too. Parts of summer were really hard. The last two months have been much better. He seems happier. More even keel. I remember these ups and downs with Seren. Heck, we still have them! But Wyeth feels more strongly about these things. Or at least it seems like it.  And whereas I could say 'no' to Seren, Wyeth is a tough one. No doesn't quite mean no. It means he is ready to bargain. And cry.

Last night we had a knock out fight over dinner and dessert. I was holding my ground. He said to me, "I don't like when you make me mad. I don't like when you say those rude words to me. Your words are making me very very mad."

So he is in touch with his feelings. That much is good, right?

He is also making new friends in school which is a huge thing for us. WHEW! He started off not being comfortable in the classroom and already we have noticed a big change in how he talks about schoool and his friends. That makes me very happy to see.

So with the tantrums and yelling and crying comes the sweet. Tonight, as I tucked him in and he did his usual stalling he said, "Can you come in here and snuggle and tickle me?"

I KNOW my 13 year old son isnt going to be asking me to snuggle him.

So I snuggled right in and tickled him silly.

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