Monday, December 3, 2012

Beck, the elf, should not go hungry

This is our third year of Elf on the Shelf. Our elf, Beck, is a good elf. He doesn't get into trouble. And I can barely remember to move the darn thing after about a week. But we love him. Seren totally LOVES the Elf and it is fun to have magic in the house.

Wyeth took one look at him this year and said, "That isn't an elf! He is a stuffed animal!"

Then Seren, the believer said, "And why does he have a tag on him?"

We were off to a rough start. Sam quickly pulled out the book which explains the whole story and somehow, by talking about magic, both Seren and Wyeth were cool with that. Oh, ok. That makes sense.

And all was well with the world. Beck, the elf, had a place in our hearts. Again.


Last night during dinner, on day two of the Elf, Seren started to wonder aloud. "What does he eat all day? I mean, he has to sit there and watch us eat all three meals and he doesn't have anything! He must be like a bear and eats everything thing at once and then he doesn't have to eat."

I could tell she was really thinking about this.

Later that night I was grumpily putting dishes into the dishwasher and Seren asks me for a plate. "What? What do you need a plate for?" I asked in a grouchy voice. She opened  up her hand and in it is four pieces of bow tie pasta.

"For Beck."

Right. So we placed the pasta on a little plate and placed it in the fridge.  Last night, I of course, moved the elf and ate three of the four pieces of pasta.  This morning when she woke up, she was all upset at herself for forgetting to write him a note or leave the pasta out.  We finally found him and there, beside him, was only one little piece of pasta.

She was so excited! " I didn't need to write him a note! He knew to look! See! Wow!"

Why yes, we do 'feed' our stuffed elf. Don't you?


Whitney said...

Oh, Megan, you are so awesome. I could not find our elf this year in the basement, and he continues to be AWOL. Noah was very sad that he didn't appear with our ornaments -- I think he knew that's where he was hidden (until the day I decided to re-hide him and that's why I can't find him now). I'm kindof glad to not have that elf around...but I don't think Noah is! Maybe I'll have to make a new one for this year, our own, that is somehow more "special."

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

I think your kids show a healthy respect for food, Grandma Chicken.