Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Seren is working through what it means to have a best friend. It hasn't quite gotten to the middle school levels of what it means to have a BFF but she is thinking about it. She reports that some days, during recess, she doesn't play with the other 4 girls; she plays with a boy.  She seems kinda ok with that. There are only 5 girls in her class- pretty slim pickings!

Last night, as she was swimming around in the tub, she noted, "Mom, I  have a BBF".
Me: "You do? Great! But don't you mean a BFF?"
Seren: "Nope. I mean a BBF"
Me: "Huh?"
Seren: "Yes, for Best Brother Forever!"


She went on to say she had a BMF and BDF (Best mom forever, Best Dad Forever, etc).

A note on tubs. I have given my last 'double kid' tub. It was a great 4 years while it lasted. But I decided last week that we were done. The pushing, the shoving, the splashing, the lack of tub space. Too much fighting. Too much yelling on my part. Enough.

Still, it was good while it lasted. 

(I was going to add a naked tub shot since I have so many. But ya know what? This is the internet and the internet is freaky. No naked kid tub shot)


PC said...

We had to end the double kid bath too. They want to do it but they get wild, then start to fight, then I yell...not fun. But it was for a few years :)

Whitney said...

Love the BBF!! That is soooo sweet!!

We still do the double baths, I was just wondering how long they would last! They do get wild and fight often!