Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A bit ago Seren was splashing around in the tub and started to talk to me about how badly she really wanted 'little braids'.  She gave an impassioned plea for cornrows.  There are three little girls in her class who are African American who wear thier hair in braids. And Seren was just mesmerized by the whole thing. She described that thier hair styles would sometimes change. Or, if it was really cool, they would have colorful beads in thier hair.

She was clearly very jealous of the braids and began to pine for them.

When she got out of the tub, I agreed to be put some braids in her hair. And then more braids and then I decided that I would just finish it up. It took a while and she has some seriously long hair! But we did it, cornrows!


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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

I LOVE THIS. I have beads for next time...