Sunday, February 24, 2013


Seren has one of the most vivid imaginations! And I love to watch her interact in her imaginary world. She is a true believer in magic.

On Friday night, she randomly wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy. Actually, it was a Valentine. She also wrote a Valentine to Santa. But she decided that they may bump into each other if they both were in her room at night so she would just leave one for the Tooth Fairy.

The Tooth Fairy had a long week, apparently. Because she just took the note on Saturday morning but did not write Seren back. Well, this was concerning! Seren wondered what could be the problem? Was it too stormy? Did she not have a flashlight? Maybe she didn't have any paper? Or forgot a pencil? What on earth could be the problem?

With no note back the second night, Seren re-wrote the Tooth Fairy.  "Dear Tooth Fairy, what is wrong? Can you please write back and answer my questions? I love you. Seren Angus. P.S. There is no tooth."

This time Seren left her a paper and a pencil. She also made sure her night light was on and reasoned that the Tooth Fairy could just fly over to the night light for extra light if she needed it. Then again, she did have a wand- she could always just make a tiny flashlight appear.

Love it!

When do we loose our ability to see the world exactly the way we want to see it?

There are many lessons to learn from our children.

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

I have relatives who still see the world exactly the way they want to see it- they should have a play date.