Sunday, May 12, 2013

Racing again

So I love to run. But not really. I love the experience of joy and fitness that comes from running but I have to get into the groove to really enjoy running.

My office asked if any of us would like to sign up for a 5K that would benefit abused kids. No brainer! I am there! So I trained a little bit, but not a ton.

Two days before the race, we get an email from HR that we are to supposed to be in super hero costumes. The race's slogan was "Every kid needs a hero; an abused kid needs a superhero."

I borrowed Wyeth's cape, laced up my sneakers and ran a 5K! It was still slow at 29:18 but hey, my cape was dragging me down.


The other funny part of the morning? I put the face paint on and neither one of my kids said a thing. It was as if I usually run around with cape and facepaint!

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