Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Body Aware

Last night Wyeth had the following to share with me:

"Oh boy! My belly is about to do a burp!"

And then later, "I want to go to McDonalds!"
Me: Why?
Wyeth" Because my body needs french fries.

Wyeth is always still not convinced that his shoes are on the right feet and asks every time he puts them on himself if they are. "Are these on the right feet?"

When we told Seren that we wouldn't be doing gymnastics this summer she said "What am I going to do with my body parts!?"

So aware of thier bodies!

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Wyeth and Seren! Get out your castanets and your tap shoes, and stick a rose behind your ear... because we are going to dance our little bodies (and sing) to some Flamenco music soon! OLE'!