Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas in Hershey!

Hershey Park is about 2 hours away from us. I hadn't visited the park since I was in middle school in a band concert! But every year they run these adds about Christmas at Hershey! This year my parents generously treated us to a night at the hotel and two days at the park! And we had a blast!

We left Saturday morning and make it to the part with very little snow. But then it started to really come down. And it was amazing! We dressed the kids up in their snowpants and went to the park! They enjoyed ride after ride as the parents looked on and laughed.

We got to see Santa's reindeer, ride the train, go "ice skating" on a plastic surface, and ride the rides. All in heavy falling snow!

My parents got us adjoining hotel rooms which was fabulous! The lodge itself was very beautiful and PACKED with families! It was just PACKED with little kids!

After a short rest, we went out to dinner and tried to see the infamous "Sweet lights". It was so snowy that half way through, they started to unplug the lights due to hazardous road conditions. We were really disappointed as it was touted as truly a spectacular event. Oh well. At least we got home safely. The snow continued to fall.

I really enjoyed myself! I had no idea what to expect but spending time with my parents and being part of such a magical place was really a special treat! The  hotel also served cookies and milk- and my god, the cookie was worth the 4 hours in the car! SOO good. The snow hampered us a bit but just added to the magic!

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