Monday, January 13, 2014

Five Years of Snuggling

Happy happy Birthday, Wyeth!

On December 3rd at 10:53 pm, you turned five years old. My head still spins that our little one is five.

You are one of the most passionate and stubborn people I know. You feel everything. Your feelings get hurt. People can be "so mean" and you often feel like a victim of your sisters' squabbles. Many things are "not fair!" and people "never do [nice things]". Whining is not uncommon. And most things need to be done "RIGHT NOW".

And of course when they can't be, you get upset. And the whole cycle can start again.

But then again, there are amazing things about having this much passion. You are enthuastic as well. And will say things like 'THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!' You also love on people. And love them deeply. Your hugs and kisses for all of us are the best.  And just yesterday you asked me to 'snuggle' on the couch.  I dropped everything I was doing and snuggled you tight. Your favorite part of our beach trip this year was that you got to 'snuggle with Mom on the beach'. It doesn't get much better than that.

You continue to be incredibly musical. You pick up music on the piano easily. And you love to listen to music. Recently we have spent much more time listening to the top 40. You will say things like 'do you hear that drum mom?' 'Dad do you hear the piano?' We will be curious to see if your musical skills will bloom. We hope so! To support that passion, Grandma and Grandaddy got you a huge drum set for your 5th birthday. You wanted them for over a year. And your reaction was to be totally overwhelmed by it. We all waited for a huge reaction of joy. But I don't think you knew what to do with yourself.

You continue to adore your sister. Geez. You two do fight and when you both have screaming matches, it is hard for me to not get frustrated. Seren loves to be 'right' and you get set in your ways as well!  It is a bad combination. That being said, your sister is your biggest ally and your strongest supporter. You feel better when she is around. And she does too. Together you guys take on the world. And we love to watch your relationship grow. It just doesn't get much better.

You are a physcial kid who responds very well to touch. You always have been. Our hugs, cuddles and hands comfort you. I love this aspect of you.

And you are beginning to read! In November,  you floored me while you were reading to me in Flushing over Thanksgiving. You were not just repeating back stories you read time and time again. You were actually sounding it all out. It is an amazing thing to sit back and watch! You are not as 'into' academics as your sister is. But when you focus and stop being humble about your academic pursuits, we enjoy watching you soar!

This past year you tried out basketball, soccer, gymnastics and of course three mornings a week at Breezy Point school.

You continue to bring us such joy. Your heart is so big and you just take it all in. You are friends with everyone and love life. Even when you are stubborn, you love life. We talk to you abou these 'episodes'. While less frequent than age 3, the tantrums do pop up. And we say to you ,"you know that we love you even when we are mad, right?" And you say, "I know. I love you even when I'm mad at you too."

Happy birthday Wyeth. Thank you for making us smile on a daily basis. Thank you for saying the most ridiculous things! We are so proud of you, Wyeth! Happy Birthday! We love you.

We started our celebration in Flushing where we had a joint celebratiion for you and Granddaddy. They bought you a cake. And we celebrated together!

On your actual birthday, we brought cupcakes to school! Then Grammy and Poppy came out to dinner with us to Red Robin. The waiters brought you an ice cream sundae! We went home and opened up presents. You were most excited about the remote control car! We hope to celebrate with your friends in the early Spring.


PC said...

Love this! Seriously though, 90% of this post I could be writing the same thing about Cameron, it's almost scary! Love little boys. Glad it was such a fun celebration all around. Yeah for 5.

Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

That pic of you four in the restaurant is the cutest ever.