Thursday, February 27, 2014

Facebook Status Updates that make me smile

This got a great response:

Wyeth loves to sing. The other day he was singing some of Daft Punk's lyrics to himself in the backseat of the car. "She's up all night til the sun/I'm up all night to get some/she's up all night for good fun/I'm up all night to get lucky." At that point, I lowered the radio and interrupted the song to him to ask him what it meant to get "lucky." He thought about this for a bit and said "Like when you win a board game. They played all night and got lucky!" Ok, good. Just checking.

As did this:
This morning the doors to my car were frozen shut. I scraped the ice for a good 30 minutes before I could get into the car to turn it on and warm it up. At the end of today, I walked to my car in my office's parking lot. And again, I couldn't open the doors. I started to curse winter, my buick, the sky above...irritated I started to figure out how I could go back into the office building and borrow someone else's ice pick. I pulled on the doors once again, putting a little hip into it. Then I realized: maybe I should unlock the doors!

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