Thursday, February 27, 2014

So proud

I like to think that all moms and dads are proud of their kids. There are times when we are a little too boastful. And it looks gross. And I too fall victim to that. And I think that we have to forgive ourselves for these moments. Parenting is hard work. Really hard work. And most of the time, you just feel like you are screwing it up. Yelling when you shouldn't. Criticizing when you shouldn't. So when we see stuff that may actually tell us we are kinda not 'effing it up ENTIRELY, we want to share. And for that reason, I'm forgiving myself in advance.

Because I'm so proud of my daughter!

This year has been a big one for us. The year of private school. And we are so freaking happy with the school. It is a real school. With passionate teachers, engaged parents and great kids. And it isn't as if this is an elite school for the rich. Trust me on that one. We are coming from all walks of life but are focusing on one thing: our kids' education.

I love everything. I love Seren's school uniform. I love her teacher. I love the kids. I love that there is music, Spanish, art, science, computers, yoga, and chess. But mostly, I love that she is happy.

Seren is generally a happy kid. She works to go with it. And follow the rules and expectations. She is quiet in school. A book worm. And kid that kids enjoy. She has always liked school. But man, she is THRIVING. Last night was the School's Success Night. It was a chance to visit the school, see what they have been up to during the year, read their learning logs, read their homemade books, see their art. Seren was giddy- wanting us to see it all! Read it all! Look at it all! And we were happy, so happy, to oblige.

I went to bed happy and so grateful. The school has been a wonderful gift to us. I'm a proud Momma. It takes energy and courage to start new. And Seren has done it!

Seren next to the mural the school created. Her little avatar is immediately left of her.
 This is thier ceramic penguin.

Second grade images of what they will be when they grow up.

 Our future art teacher!

Self portrait from early September. Look at those teeth!!

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Jessica Phillips-Silver said...

Let's draw/paint when our families next get together.