Sunday, December 14, 2008

11 days into Wyeth's life

Seren has quite a few things to say about life with Wyeth and Mommy. I'll let her speak to the experience before I start my sleep deprived babble.

On Breast Feeding:

"Mom! He is eating your boobs! Why does he always eat your boobs?"

On Sanitary Napkins:

"Those are your special diapers?"

On Mom's Body two days post partum:

"Who is your tummy now, Mom?"

We have had a busy, fun, full 11 days. I can't believe we are coming up on two weeks. What is about these little souls? One day you are blogging that you need a pogo stick to induce birth and honestly convince yourself the baby will never arrive and the next thing you know, you are madly in love with a little wonder and you can't really remember life prior to his being born?

My emotions have been all over the place! Between not getting enough sleep, it being Christmas and my hormones all whacked out, I have been a sniffy mess. I have hesitated to write anything- my mind is too scattered.

But I love him. That much I know. Not that I didn't love and adore Seren but with NICU visits, feeding issues and other preemie issues (a brain scan at 7 days old!), the anxiety far outweighed the joy. With Wyeth, I have felt nothing but joy. I may still be running on adrenaline but he just brings me tremendous JOY. I had no idea my heart could be this full; my life this rich. We'll have our long nights and with Sister Seren generally being well...cute but two, I am not in the best mood at all times. But man, I couldn't ask for more.

My family feels very complete now. My family of FOUR. And I'm tapping into my inner mother- that special soft place inside of me that feels like this was one of my main purposes in life. I feel very blessed.

Here are some pictures from his first week. We have already purchased a tree, decorated a tree, had a mini celebration at home with my brother, enjoyed church, and been to the pediatricians' twice. I even took both kids (that still sounds AWESOME) to the pet store in the rain. How amazing is that?

Just about 40 minutes after giving birth:

My coach extraordinaire: we were both exhausted after a physically demanding birth.

I'm having a complete blast with my new family. Can't wait to try to capture our early adventures.

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LauraC said...

Reading your thoughts and seeing the pictures just fills my heart with joy for you. You are such an amazing couple and deserve all this happiness. My fave pic is Seren cuddling him with Goodnight Moon, what a beautiful sight.

(Flashing the gang signs in the last pic isn't too shabby of a pic either!!)