Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!

We are raising a happy elf! Seren couldn't have embraced Christmas more this year! We aren't sure what she is so excited about. It isn't the presents- she doesn't really "get" that. But man, is she excited! She has loved doing the advent calendar- although Sam and I are always two days behind. And this morning we made Christmas cookies while she wore a Christmas dress. Flour was all over the place. Awesome!

She also sings herself to sleep each night to "Jingle Bells". We took her to see a children's show called "Rudolf and Frosty"- her first "show." She sat awestruck as the children performed off key renditions of holiday classics. Sam and I were in physical pain but just to have the experience of being in a dark theater, all dressed up? Classic. We have heard about the "show" ever since. So while we didn't do ALL that Mommy wanted to do (hard with a 3 week old), we have done enough. We have gone to church, we have read stories, we have made cookies. We have spent time as a family.
I love being a mom! Life is grand!

As a result of all of our holiday activities, she is really in the spirit! We are too! I couldn't be more happy this morning as my healthy baby sleeps in my arms, my daughter sings with expectation of the holiday and my husband and I plan for the "big day". Seren keeps saying, "I excited!"
We are blessed by family, friends and good health. Thank you for being part of our family's blessings!

Merry Christmas!


LauraC said...

Merry Christmas to a wonderful family!

Julie said...

Merry Christmas to you all! What a beautiful post and a lovely family photo!