Monday, December 1, 2008

Does anyone have a pogo stick?

If so, can I borrow it?

I'm ready for this child to freaking arrive already! I'm not even overdue yet and I'm already a complete anxious/excited wreck! I'm due on Friday and I'm worried that I'll be OVERDUE after all of this drama.

I've been pregnant a full month longer this time then I was with Seren. Seren was 5lbs, 8 oz. I can only imagine how big this dude will be.

And to top off my own frustration and anxiety, I have hit a new milestone. Ready for this? Really ready?

I weigh as much as Sam. I kid you not. I have gained about 40 lbs. 4-0.

Now granted Sam is as skinny as a rail. But I'm so bloated, swollen and well FAT, that I weigh as much as my husband?! What did I do wrong? Will I ever go back to being me again? I'm just so...beside myself about it all. Laying in bed for 8 weeks did a number on me physically. I'll have to post a picture.

The good news is that I won't have a preemie, I won't have to learn how to feed a preemie, and I'll most likely, be able to bring him home. But man, the experience of this past month has taught me a lot about what women go through!

Please send encouraging thoughts/prayers my way today...looks like this kiddo WILL be a December baby after all! And in the end, when I see his face, this will be worth it. But I am not such a happy camper today nor have I been a ray of sunshine this past weekend. Nope. No sunshine here. Just a swollen, cranky woman who feels that the time has come to get this kiddo out.
Besides a pogo stick, got any ideas?


LauraC said...

I cried BUCKETS the day my weight went over Jon's. You see, he is a FOOT taller than me. During my crying snotfest, I said we looked like Jack Sprat and his wife... and there was nothing Jon could say to argue with me.

My bright idea: Take the car seat out of the car, unpack the hospital bag, and plan a very romantic getaway. Baby will come right away.

And nope, I was not a happy camper even though I did not make it full-term. 12 lbs of babies kicking will make you CRANKY.

Beth said...

Hang in there Megan! I ended up weighing 15 lbs more than Ed with both pregnancies! LOL. It definitely sucks. I'm with Laura on how to get that baby moving. Make elaborate plans and just assume he'll never come out! Hugs to you!

jennifer said...

oh BOY, megan.... you certainly have tons of prayers and love coming your way from me! i have no advice to offer about getting your little guy out in the world asap, but i can share that i was a full month overdue. and as an overdue baby, i cannot imagine what my poor mother went through. it is a sign that she is a saint that she is able to love me well to this day. perhaps you are on the way to sainthood? i think maybe so. i affirm the romantic getaway plan. in addition, i've heard that walking and "you know what" are good ways to encourage baby to get a move on. maybe you and sam should put on your walking shoes to go on your romantic getaway? if that doesn't work, then i'm thinking pogo stick, trampoline, speed bumps in parking lots....
whatever happens, you have my love.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness--I keep checking your blog thinking I am going to see a photo of a newborn--I cannot believe you are still waiting!! Good luck--the baby won't be in forever. I kept telling myself at the end that Lana will be coming out one way or another one day or another. The waiting is maddening!