Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Country Mouse Goes to Brooklyn

As a family we live in the burbs. While we are close to Philadelphia, we haven't spent much time in the city.

This weekend we took both kids to Brooklyn to visit our friends' and celebrate their new home. Seren's observations of city life cracked us up.

Seren was pure Seren during the day. She was uber quiet when we arrived- preferring to cling/cuddle and grunt instead of chatting. After about 15 minutes, she was off and running around the apartment. (Do the degree that toddlers can run around a Brooklyn apartment!).

She LOVED seeing a man working in a man hole.
"His head is in there! He is up to his head!"

She also had several comments to make regarding overpasses.
"How do the cars stay up there? How do they come down?"

She also enjoyed the ancient elevator inside the apartment complex. It was one of the old fashion ones with a door knob and a sliding gate.
"Mom! We are on an elevator INSIDE the house!"

It felt like we were taking the country mouse to the city. It is these moments that you realize for the gazillionth time that they learn ALL OF THE TIME! Museums are fun, waterparks too but just being in a different place teaches kids a ton.

Meanwhile, Seren wasn't the only country mouse in the big city. I was panicking. When we unloaded the kids out of the car, we were on a very big street. I was GRIPPING Seren's hand and constantly kept saying, "Stay close. Big street. Stay close." (Nothing like putting your fears into your kids' minds!)

It was fun to be out as a family!


Beth said...

I'm so impressed you took a family trip with both kids! We have yet to do that. I'm glad Seren had fun, and you're so right about how something as simple as a place they've never been before is a whole learning experience. I hope we can raise our kids to be "worldly" in that way!

John said...

just remember the fears of city life that Mom passed on to us as kids. Remember the times the doors would lock all of a sudden? I wonder how your little country mice will react the first time they see the huge mtns out here. Hope to see you soon.