Monday, March 30, 2009


I am feeling like I'm in some sort of time warp. My days are just looooonnnggg days. There isn't really "weekends" or "weekdays". I can't get my head around the fact that it is the end of March. In 2009. The last time I checked, I was on 8 LONG weeks of bedrest where time was standing still. September crept by. October too. I didn't have a "fall". Now it is as if someone pushed the "fast forward" button on my life- just like a DVD player. And here we are. I am a mom of TWO beautiful children- one who is about to be THREE years old and one who is to be four MONTHS. I find it overwhelming to think about. In fact I spend most of my days overwhelmed by the responsibility of raising two small children on very little sleep.

God has blessed us richly- I just wish I made time to realize it.

So in an effort to realize just how lucky we are, and in an interest to make meaning of the days, three days ago was an important milestone for me. Three days ago last year we found out that Wyeth was on the way! I remember being VERY excited! I jumped around the house. I yelled! I cheered! I screamed with joy! I cried. This was it! Our news! We had done it! Who would we have? Would I go early? What would the pregnancy be like? Our December baby! We got our "egg" for Easter and would get a gift from Santa in December for Christmas. March 27th, 2008 was the day we found out that Wyeth would join us- our second, our son. Our laid back cutie pie. What news! What a day! What an amazing, joyful day.

To be perfectly honest, I am struggling to see the tremendous richness in my life on a daily basis. It is right there in front of me but I can't seem to see it. How do YOU take time to see the blessings? How do YOU make time to "breathe"?


LauraC said...

The best way I've ever heard anyone describe the first few months of a newborn is that each day is so long yet the time passes faster than ever. So true!

Again, I think it gets easier once you have some time to transition. It is still so early in the transition to two for you!

But still my favorite way to stay in the moment is to blog!

Beth said...

I'm still trying to figure this one out! I think it's okay to know how lucky we are, and to know that our lives are rich, but for the time being, to feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. Don't beat yourself up for the struggle, because this is part of the experience, too. It's a weird combination of feeling so fulfilled, and yet so unfulfilled. But right now, our kids are so young and so needy--and so our "lives" get put on hold a bit. It's only temporary. The struggle doesn't mean we're not happy--it just means that right now, it's HARD.

I think Laura is right--the blog is a great way to "count" your blessings. And based on your blog, I would say that you're doing a great job of seeing the big picture. As far as time to "breathe," though, I don't see it happening for at least another year or two! LOL. Hang in there! And just take it as it comes--the good stuff, and the bad.