Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I can't think of a blog title this morning.

Operation Early to Bed is going well. The first night, he was down and out by 8 pm but then up partying like an animal from 4-6 am. So that wasn't exactly a "success". The second night, much better. Same for the third. The fourth night, he was asleep by 9 and got up at 8 am with only ONE feeding! Yahoo! Last night, he was down by 9, up at 11:30, up at 3 and then up at 6. Not so great. But he was a sweat monster...I have to think he was just HOT.

We are hanging in there. That is all I can think of. As in "hanging by a thread". Since I started back at work, Seren got pink eye, Wyeth got a cold, Sam had a fever, I had a cold, Seren vomited all Saturday night (YUCK!) and then as of last night, started with diarrhea. We are just waiting for Wyeth to get it.

All of this in two short weeks.

My friend Whitney P in Colorado was listening to my tales of schedules and Sam working two jobs to make ends meet and declared, "Girlfriend, that is a recipe for burnout."

She hit the nail on the head.

I am so proud of Sam for working one full time job and then a night job (that he can do from home). But our daily life looks like this (when I work): He is home with the kids from 8 am until 11:30. Then he drops them off at day care. Then he works from 12-9 pm. He comes home, eats dinner, chats with me for about 30 minutes and then works his other (online) job from 10pm until 12am or 1 am. And then he gets up with Seren around 6:30 or 7 since I'm either in the shower or nursing Wyeth. My day is I'm up with Wyeth during the night, go to work, pick up the kids, make dinner and do the double baths by myself since Sam isn't home until 9. Seren is a lovely conversationalist but not the same as Sam at the end of the day. I miss my husband! And the two of us are just SO tired. And stressed. It is no wonder we are sick. I'm so grateful that I am not at work full time. Yet.

As Sam said of the past two weeks, "Something has to give and I'm afraid it is going to be one of us."

I so want to enjoy my time with my family- these "little kid days" go by too quickly. And I want to make sure Sam and I spend time together. Because I love him too! So we are hanging in there. We are blessed by friends and family who help us. And we'll be fine. We are blessed to HAVE jobs!

But if this keeps up? Major burnout.

We shall see. But we DO have fun. And we ARE doing it! Below is a picture of us from a recent visit from my in-laws. (Check out Seren's 'model mouth' pout!) And the second one is Wyeth's perfectly round head- Wyeth at 3 months. (He is 14 lbs 12 ounces!)

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LauraC said...

Megan, I know EXACTLY how you feel. That pretty much sums up the first year with twins - complete and utter burnout. It was get up at 5-6 with the kids, drop them off at day care, work all day, take care of them all night, eat dinner, do chores, rush to bed at 10, then up around 1 with the first kid waking up.

And that was when they were well... which they were rarely well the first year. And then we were up pretty much most nights, both of us!

It was the longest marathon I have ever run. But once they started sleeping all night, things started to fall into place and calm down. And now, things seem relatively easy! (I say relative because nothing will ever be like that year!)