Monday, January 25, 2010

Milestone logging

(Please excuse the 'milestone' post- I started this over a week ago and forgot to post it.)

Wyeth is learning some new tricks:
* He said 'uh-oh' yesterday in context. He LOVES to say that. He also has a word for cracker.

* He waves at everyone. Coming or going. He waves to people from grocery carts or if we are taking a walk around the block and a car drives by.

* He continues to be very social!

* We put him asleep asleep each nap and night. I have no memory what so ever of when we just calmed Seren down and let her put herself to sleep. We have to work on this because at 23 lbs, he is getting too heavy to rock! Once in a while I do let him cry and it only takes about 10 minutes of crying so we are getting there.

* I have a list of foods that Wyeth eats. Which is growing. At his 12 month check up, the doctor did not want to take him off formula because he was still preferring baby food. So we are still on forumla but just this week he has decided that pasta, blueberries and waffles really ARE good. So that is a good sign! I gave him real milk last night. He had one sip and looked at me like I was crazy. But then he had a second sip. We shall see.

* I was debating turning his carseat around to face the front but then read some scary stuff on the internet and decided (for now) that rear facing for a while is still a good thing as he is still a wee one.

* We thought we were loosing the first nap but he napped all week in the morning. Wrong again, Mom!

* Yesterday he went to the doctor after about a month of the same cold. It isn't really a cold but this deep cough thing that we couldn't clear with our nebbie. Seren was a ROCK star at the Neb treatments but Wyeth HATES it. As a result, we kinda gave up trying. Hence the prolonged cold. The doctor took one listen and decided we needed to up it a bit. Seren's first real winter had her on treatments for four long months. And it looks like we are doing down the same road with Wyeth. He is on flovent AND abuterol but instead of the nebbie, he is getting it through the air chamber. And let me tell you, he just loves it! (Sarcasm!) It is horrible trying to make him take the meds. But we'll do it. He has to get better. Winter sucks!

Update on Seren:
*She can pour her own milk into her cereal bowl! This is just today's accomplishment. She said to me over the weekend. "Mom, I can pretty much do everything by myself now that I'm a big girl. I just can't drive yet. You have to be an adult for that." And she is doing it all! Getting dressed by herself (still requires some prompting) and apparently fixing herself breakfast!

*She is however, still peeing in her pull up during the night. We haven't really focused on keeping the pull up dry though. So maybe we should focus on that? It will be a year in April since she was trained but that pull up is wet every morning.

*She is working on learning how to ride her bike. If it ever gets warmer, we'll practice that one! She basically just 'brakes' really well which means she doesn't really go anywhere...But the preschool class made resolutions and her 'promise' was to learn to ride her bike. So we'll work on that.

*She is also making friends. One of the more upsetting parts of the teacher conference was that Seren wasn't really connecting with kids. I visualized her as the class loner and my heart just broke. Turns out, it isn't that others don't want to be with her, SHE doesn't want to be with them. So we all have been working on this and it is helping! The teacher is so awesome and has been instrumental in fostering her social skills. (Which is really the main goal of preschool for us). So that helps! And yesterday one of the boys in the class stated to the teacher that he really likes to go to school when Seren is there! The teacher had him say this to Seren directly and Seren was SO excited. A friend! Yeah!

* She continues to just love books. She also loves her dolls/animals. (She still says aminals). When she goes to sleep at night, she has to have the following friends with her:(Check out the names) Blue baa-baa, Pink baa-baa, Puppy, Bubbletop, Beauty, and Baggy. Once all are accounted for, she is good to go. She also still sleeps with the safety bar on her bed and the monitor on. Wonder when we are 'supposed' to drop these things. We aren't comfortable doing that yet but I wonder...

* She isn't on the nebulizer or flovent this winter. We shall see if that lasts.

Both of them continue to keep us busy and happy. Busy to the point of exhaustion but happy to the point of full on "you bright-up-my-life-smiles" too!


Beth said...

Great update! I don't know where to begin. Glad that Wyeth is starting to enjoy people-food. All in good time, right? Go Seren for making friends! I guess you have a little introvert on your hands. And yay for self-help skills. William likes to pour his own milk and cereal, too. And he likes to make his own chocolate milk. I make it with Ovaltine, and rather than dirty up a spoon, I usually just pour the powder directly from the canister to his cup. So he tries to do it the same way, which results in a HUGE mess. But the few times that he's done it without us knowing it, he also tried to clean up himself, which is really really cute.

As for the nebulizer, William is still on Pulmicort this winter, but we're taking him off in the spring (April or early May), and we'll see how it goes. Good luck!

LauraC said...

Love the update!

A week after Nate potty trained, he started waking up dry every morning. He went to underwear at night and has had one accident in almost a year.

Alex is still in pullups. He asked for underwear one night and then peed ALL NIGHT in the underwear but never woke up until 4:30 when it was cold. That was awesome, getting up at 4:30 to do a complete bedsheet and kid change! After that I talked to some friends and neighbors and we decided to keep him in a pullup until he's waking up dry.

OWL MOMMA said...

Love the updates! And about the monitor, J is 7 and we only just gave it up, but simply because W BROKE it :)

I will send you an email with more info on our vax/no vax decisions... too long for a comment box!

Jessica said...

Great updates. Seren sounds like such a character! I can tell she keeps you entertained. The comment about your being an adult to drive the car is hilarious.