Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stuffing yourself

Due to our stove problems in the last month, our food choices haven't exactly been stellar. Our stove broke. Or we thought it broke. We bought a new one. In a snow storm. The new one didn't work. So, that meant it had to be electrical. Cue three week wait while we floundered around looking for a friend or friend of a friend to help us. We didn't want to be ripped off. We crock potted. We had fondue twice (yum!), we made waffled three times. We cooked pasta in the microwave. We got very, very creative. And hungry.

Then, on Sunday, the day of the scheduled visit from the electrician, Sam wanted to recheck something with the fuses. We had already done the basic stuff. Or so we thought. So he futzed around for approximately 2 minutes and TA DA! The new stove works.

I could have pummeled him. But I didn't. We laughed.

The amount of energy he has spent trying to create meals without a stove has been staggering! But then in about one minute, he had fixed our problem. OY! With my parents' help, we moved the new stove out to the garage and brought our OLD 19 year old, greasy stove IN after its three weeks visit/vacation to the back patio. Classy, right? Real classy.

The point of this long story is that we can now eat again using our stove and oven. Yahoo! And Wyeth is enjoying this.

Last night he stuffed himself with couscous. Ok, no big deal,right? But he literally stuffed himself. He took hand fulls of couscous and shoved it down his little white onsie t-shirt. Repeatedly. It was so funny- I couldn't stop him. He had a mission and was having a blast! I was not surprised at all to find couscous in his diaper last night before bath.

Kids rock. I love 'em.


LauraC said...

We've had some moments like that with each other where I just have to laugh because everyone feels bad.

But think of all the crockpot recipes you've developed!

Beth said...

Oh the mess! (Thinking of couscous everywhere.) I would have been cracking, up, too, though, making no effort to stop it. Those are the moments worth being present for! And too funny about the stove and how you could have been using it all this time. I'm impressed you brought in the old stove, though. I think I would have had to have kept the new one. :-)