Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

We had an amazing weekend as a family this weekend! The sun was out! Everyone was mostly healthy, I didn't work and the kids were excited for the holiday. We didn't take them to see the bunny this year despite our attempts. We just couldn't find the energy in us and Seren didn't really get into it that much. But they were excited to find the baskets that the Easter Bunny hid (does 'your' Bunny hide the baskets?) and talk about the eggs.

We had an early egg hunt on Sunday morning but not TOO early because despite the fact that our family typically gets up around 6, our neighbors do not. So we let them look for eggs at 10 and what do you know the first egg Seren sees she SCREAMS "I FOUND AN EGG!"

That is how we roll in our house. LOUD.

My Uncle and Aunt arrived at 12 for a loud but delicious Easter lunch complete with yummy wine, salmon and other yummy things. It was so kind of them to drive up from the DC area and everyone enjoyed just being together.

We called both sets of grandparents to sing "Little Bunny Foo-foo" (which is just an odd song- at least Seren's version is odd) and say Happy Easter.

I tried, oh I tried, to get a shot of both toddlers smiling together. I failed, failed, failed but at least the sun was shining and everyone had fun. (Even if the posed pictures say otherwise.)

Easter egg dying, egg hunts, bunnies hiding baskets, time with family= Happy.


LauraC said...

Looks like a great Easter!
We always have one entertainer when we are trying take pics of the boys where they are smiling. Rarely works now, I have to resort to bribes.

(PS My aunt tagged a new pic of me as a 12 yr old in facebook, check out my FRO. That was before curly hair products were available!)

Whitney said...

They look gorgeous!!! What a sweet family! :)

I didn't dress Noah up for Easter and am thinking I have to make up for it and take some pictures of him sporting some nicer duds while we still have this great weather!

Jessica said...

It does look like you had a blast, despite the fact that you couldn't quite get the picture you wanted. Happy Easter!

Julie said...

I love the pics! Glad you had a great Easter :)