Thursday, April 1, 2010

You guys helped with Hair...What about Fashion?

Yesterday's post really got me thinking about Seren's hair. I got several emails and had several conversations yesterday--mostly from women with curly hair reliving thier hair nightmares!

It made me take this a bit more seriously! Last night I took Laura's advice and put Seren's hair in a loose braid. I called it a "hair trick". Seren asked me this morning, "Mom! Did you think it worked?"

"Do I think what worked, kiddo?"

"The hair trick!? Do you think it will be knotty!?"


So I am going to start "Operation Hair." The advice I got made me realize I shouldn't just dismiss this as 3 year old girl drama. (There has got to be SOME of that, though, right?). I think most days we are ok with how it looks but now I am on the look out for products and hair things that will make it easier on us both.

So you addressed hair...what about fashion??

(This is actually 'silly day' at school for April Fools Day so she and Sam came up with the wacky, wacky outfit).

In other 'news', Wyeth has 102 fever and a bad cold. Poor bubby. After 3 weeks of putting himself to sleep at night, he couldn't fall asleep last night. Sam rescued him at 9 pm, put him down asleep and the poor guy woke up at 5 with a high fever. We'll see how this progresses. The whole family was going to come to the office today for Lunch with Mommy- silly clothes and all but I doubt that is going to happen. Bummer

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LauraC said...

I didn't mean to scare you!

The good news is there are SO MANY curly girl products on the market now. You can find the entire John Frieda line at Target, all designed for curly hair.

Growing up I had to use hair products for black women and it was NOT GOOD. I even used jheri curl!! My hair was so soft but STANK.

If you go to my facebook profile, someone tagged a pic of me from middle school so you can see how curly my hair was (at that time they finally had mousse). I'm the one in the sleeveless white tank and huge glasses.