Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Shapsnots for the Baby book pages

It is Monday. We had a busy weekend but it was one of those weekends that was just a whole bunch of things thrown together. Kinda like this post will be. I want to write a few things down before I forget.

* I found a huge tick in Seren's hair on the 9th. GROSS! We managed to not freak out. She didn't even know there was a blood sucking bug in her scalp. We just said that was a wood chip "pricker" that we needed to get out. We saved the tick and called the doc. We have to wait at least 6 weeks for symptoms. Should be ok, I think because the tick was large (i.e. not likely to carry Lyme's) and we got it out. GROSS

* We think Wyeth has a major strawberry allergy. The boys' cheeks! It started on Easter when he had about 20 'strawberry puffs'. He doesn't eat puffs too much any more but we had a whole container and filled his Easter eggs with them. That night his face broke out into hives. We actually chalked it up to sunscreen. But then when we were in DC we gave him strawberry yogurt (which he had before) and his face went nuts again. It STILL isn't right a whole week later.

*We are down to two bottles a day but it should be just one. And it is still formula! This is bad. It is just out of OUR habit. He drinks milk from a sippy cup but not that much milk. First step will be just to drink warm milk out of a bottle. Then cold milk and then no bottle. I honestly don't think it will be that big of a transition- WE just have to remember to do it! (Do you ever find yourself in ruts and forget that your children have to ya know...transition??)

* Seren is still wetting her pull ups. Every night. Been a year since she was trained. Whatever.

* Seren at (nearly) 4 is no longer wearing a bib. Whew.

* She is still napping every day but the consequences of the nap varies. If she doesn't take a long nap, she can get manic. If she skips the nap, she is beside herself. If she sleeps for the allotted two hours, she doesn't go down until 8:45 or 9. She clearly still needs some sort of nap but I don't know how to manage it. The latest thought is to limit it to 1 hour??

* I want to record Seren's bed routine which has been like this for well over a year. This is her routine with ME. She picks 2 books from our 'library' which I set up on the table. Then we read in the rocking chair. After the two books, she picks one more book out which we read while snuggling in bed. Then I sing 5 songs in the following order. I really only sing one verse. "The answer is blowing in the Wind." (known as wind), "Dido's Life for Rent which we calls 'The funny song'", "Momma's going to buy you a mocking bird", (known as 'bird'), "Rainbow Connection" (known as rainbow) and finally "Ice Cream" by Sarah McLaughlin. (Known as ice cream). Then it is sips of milk. Then I blow her 7 kisses and she goes to sleep. The routine is down pat. And LONG. But just try varying it! Just try!

* Seren has started to ride her bike. With the training wheels. She is very tentative but is getting there. We had 'alone time with Mommy' after a rough, rough Saturday during the day. So on Saturday night we drove to a nice flat parking lot and let her have at it. Very fun!

* Wyeth is learning to dance. A bit. More of a 'bop' but that counts.

* Wyeth continues to be very physical. Climbing up and down on the play structures at parks. He does the slides by himself thank you very much. Seren still wigs out on slides.

* Wyeth turned 16 months this month and it is the first month that he hasn't nursed at all. Same was true for the second half of his 15th month. I suppose that chapter is permanently closed.

* Wyeth is still a mommy's boy. He wouldn't let me put him down all yesterday afternoon. Between a bad cold, a new tooth and his allergy face. Up-up is where he wanted to be.

* Wyeth likes reading books. Not as much as Seren does but he likes the pages and pointing to things in the books. He particularly likes ANY picture of a cat. And LOVES our cat. Just loves the poor 10 year old kitty.

* Wyeth does pretty much whatever Seren does. Our most favorite daily activity is taking our dolls for walks. Wyeth pushes his doll. Seren pushes hers. And if Seren takes her baby out and hugs the baby, Wyeth will take his out and hug it. He mirrors her activity to a T. So funny. We take a walk almost every night but do I have a picture of this? Nope.

* Wyeth puts himself to sleep every night. We rock and sing and then lay him in his crib, blow kisses and leave. We (Sam) still puts him down for nap 100% asleep. I psychically can't do this anymore as he is heavy and heavier still sound asleep. But since I only do naps on the weekends, I try my best. We hope to start putting him down awake soon! Wy guy goes to bed around 8:15, is up around 6:30 and naps between 2-4 ish. Sometimes not the full two hours. And if he finds himself in a car around 11, he'll pass out for 15-20 minutes. Largely he is a one nap guy.

* If you actually read all of this- thanks! :)


Beth said...

Seren's bedtime routine cracks me up. I totally understand about not wavering from the routine. We're the same way. William's goes like this: bath, pjs, brush teeth, Ed reads two stories (while I'm reading to Seth), then I read two stories, then I tell him a story, then lights out, fan on, make sure bathroom light is on, and get a little bit more chocolate milk. Then a hug and a kiss. With Seth, we do books, turn out the light, then he lies on the rocking chair and "rock-rocks" and then I hold him and we "rock-rock" and then he goes in his crib, I cover him with his blanket, and then walk out and close the door. I dream of the day when the bedtime routine does not involve me. But then again, that day will be here all too soon, so I'll take the elaborate rituals while I can get them!

Julie said...

Seren's bedtime routine sounds so familiar! We have a long, drawn out routine as well and I hear you--don't even think about changing a thing.

I want Lacey to get on Wyeth's schedule by the time she is his age. I want to sleep all night--heck, I would take a 4 hour stretch at this point. Sigh.