Saturday, October 23, 2010

Moments of Today I won't remember tomorrow

There has been a lot going on here behind the scenes the last month. Nothing major. But it isn't feeling minor either. All of that is for another day.

Today I wanted to list some moments- just moments- that made today 'today' and made it different from the days I've had and the days I'll have in the future.

* Wyeth requested Dada when I picked him out of his bed (Dada usually gets him up)but then snuggled in.
* The kids served me lots and lots of HOT tea all day today courtesy of Disney princess tea set. (Wyeth emphasizes the pretend HOT tea).
* Wyeth and Seren have runny noses. Which I don't find gross anymore. Just a fact of life.
* Wyeth refused to put on his sweatshirt today. Refused. We see a lot of this refusal behavior recently. We try to give him choices. "Where do you want your diaper changed? Hhere? Or over there?" Same goes for everything: which sweatshirt? With a choice, he manaages just fine. Can't blame him.
* Dad got his flu shot today so I was with the kids in the morning.
* The kids watched Dinosour Train (CHOO CHOO!) while I was in the shower. I found them snuggling under the covers of our bed. Eating crackers. I expect crumbs in our bed tonight. Lots of them.
* Seren is still scared of dogs. Any sized.
* We went for a family walk at a park for a short while and passed a local flea market. Someone asked me how much I was sellin Wyeth for. Ha! He is priceless!
* Seren and Wyeth were really quiet heading to the soccer game on a glorious fall day.
* I love glorious fall days in New England.
* Seren seriously is NOT into soccer. The coach kept asking her to 'keep her eye on the ball'. My dad and I decided that we would not be getting a full ride soccer scholarship.
* It was great to have my parents at the soccer game today
* Wyeth peed on the floor right before bath. Again.
* Wyeth spilled the cat water. In our attempts to clean up the water, he slipped on the wet tile! Crying and cursing ensued.
* Seren spent much of the evening coloring a Halloween mask- completely focused on the task and coloring all by herself. It looks great!
* Seren barely fits on my lap recently during story time. When did that happen?
* Seren can still talk herself silly.
* Wyeth prefers to grunt but that is beginning to change too!
* Webby, the stuffed turtle, selected the stories for tonight and sat on Wyeth's lap as Wyeth sat on my lap to listen to the selection
* Both kids helped me rake up leaves. A woman drove by in her mini van and gave me a knowing laugh about how much 'help' I was getting. To their credit, they each had a rake.
* Wyeth had 6 bowls of cereal this morning and two grapes for dinner. (Not exaggerating).
* We said goodbye to the bottles about two weeks ago and I still miss them. I can't bring myself to put them away forever.
* Wyeth giggled hysterically as I tried to sing him to sleep. I joined in. What a lovebug. He continues to say 'bye bye' everynight.
* Seren wanted to push Wyeth down the street on her scooter. She was very gentle with him and very caring. We still decided that wasn't so smart.
* Seren's hand is still pretty small in mine.
* Seren walked right into the car mirror today and was shocked as if to say 'when did that get there?'
* Wyeth had a fit and fell in it when I tried to change the sheet on his crib. He cried so much he pulled the new sheet off the bed.
* Seren and Wyeth both joined me outside this morning; I raked while they played in the sandbox together.
* Seren had a fit and fell in it over the fact that she didn't get up from her nap at the agreed upon 3:20 but got out of bed at 3:26 which she INSISTED was BEFORE 3:20. Major major tears over that

It is all so good. It is all so rich. I had a rough week at work this week. I needed to work on crackers and pretend tea. I am working on slowing down and doing less. We are all work in progress, right!?

I hope to return to blog land soon. I'm just giving myself a little bit of grace.

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Lovely snapshot of your day and your life right now. I laughed out loud at some of it, and nodded in solidarity at a lot of the rest. I've been in and out of blogland, too, so I understand. The kids and our lives in progress are more important.