Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My son is a trash talker.

Well, not really.

He just LOVES loves TRASH! He loves putting things in the trash. He loves pointing out ALL of the trash cans on the street.

He loves looking into trash cans.

And he loves, love, loves the trash truck.

Today Sam, Seren and I went to get up a sleepy Wyeth. He had slept in after a long night of coughing. (Love the asthma). He was standing in his crib looking out the window near his crib (which he only now can reach). And adamently noting that it was trash day today! TRASH!

Sam called me later this morning to tell me that Wyeth had a 'brush with fame'. The trash guys on our street have noticed our son's obsession with them and thier truck. Wyeth, Sam and Seren frequently sit on our patio to watch the collection of garbage.

This week they honked not once but twice and waved! Sam said Wyeth couldn't quite get over himself; he was SO excited.

When Sam told me this story over the phone, Wyeth then insisted on telling ME the story. It was the first "real conversation" we have had!! Complete with "Hi Mama. Trash! Trash! Hmm. Hmm. Bye bye".

Hysterical! (You kinda had to be there). Regardless, trash day is a very big day around our house.

I love the simple things.


Beth said...

Too cute! (The story AND the picture!)

Whitney said...

I love the phone conversation!!! Trash is big around our house too! What is it with these boys? Noah gets a honk and a "hey, buddy!" from the guys here when they pass by. He loves it!