Friday, October 1, 2010

Curse of Motherhood

I am one of the moms of the world who craves alone time. I crave it. I never get it. Few moms do. I miss reading. Writing. Thinking. Hell, I miss sitting.

But with two little kiddos who are excited to learn everything about the world, my job is to help them learn, play and be creative.

So sitting, reflecting, and being introspective just doesn't happen.

And either does slowly eating a meal.

This week I had a short business trip to Chicago. I was giddy at the prospect of a glass of wine with dinner, tasting my dinner, not having tears at dinner and sleeping in a HUGE king sized bed.

I was just giddy.

But ya know what? It was nothing like that!

I felt lonely! Learning to be alone again and enjoying it is a skill that I need to reaquire! I don't really need to practice that often.

And the trip was stressful! When the vast majority of your life is one large routine, everything from which pant leg your daughter puts into her pants first, to the order that you turn off the lights at night, when you suddenly are dramatically out of the routine, it was HARD. I couldn't sleep. I was stressed about the upcoming interviews for work.

And even though I could sleep in until 7am or later, my body woke up at 5:40!

Damn it!


The curse of motherhood.

(But I love it!)

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Exactly!! As a full-time parent right now, I constantly crave alone time - alone with my thoughts and the full use of both hands. But the idea of having an entire day or weekend to myself seems unthinkable and I'm sure that I am just as out of practice. But practice makes perfect, so I hope you get it again soon! : )