Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I have been working lots recently. As it getting to the office at 7:20 and then working at night after we put the kids down from 9-10:30. Not fun. And it is wearing me down. And I'm not even sure if it is worth it. But I can't be Debbie Downer. So I have started to think of all of the things I'm so grateful for.

* Babies that stay inside. I have two friends on bedrest- both with twins- and it is working! I'm so happy for the families. I love seeing babies COOK and grow.

* Carseat warmers. I love that my Buick comes with butt warmers. They are the best! Especially with this nutty winter we have had.

* Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Need I say more? It is fueling this report.

* Valentine Dance Party last night- the kids and I cut a groove last night. All four of us wore red yesterdday- what amazing sweeties I live with.

* Extra daylight. Have you noticed? The other silver lining that comes with my early commutes is that I get to see the sun rise it all of its glory. Wow! The colors are stunning. So glad I get to really 'see' that.

* Good friends: Nuff said

* Good health: we always take it for granted but shouldn't.

* Family: my nuclear family that makes me smile daily and our extended family that acts as our support system. Couldn't do 'life' without them.

What are you grateful for today!?


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

I am grateful for all the smiles and laughs (and even the tears) that I've been given as a result of jumping into the blogosphere. I could never have predicted that I would follow along with a "stranger's" life and feel like we are friends. : )

Whitney said...

I'm so relieved to hear that comment about babies staying in!! Do I know the other one?