Friday, February 25, 2011

New names

We didn't give our kids easy names. Nope. Not familar at least. Pretty easy to say and spell but 'unique'.

We have been wondering what Wyeth would come up with in terms of pronouncing his own name.

And as of this week, according to Wyeth, I gave birth to "Sissy" and "wrr-wuff" (kinda like werewolf for 'wyeth')

Sissy and wrr-wuff, I love you both!

Work continues to do a number on my self esteem. The work is happening. It is but it has been a tough month! A long ass 28 days if you ask me!

We have completely adjusted our family schedule so I can arrive early, avoid traffic and then work a little longer as I face a deadline. The good news is that I'm out of the house without too much drama. Leaving at 6:45 doesn't leave too much time for drama. But it has also meant that this week I left twice without saying goodbye to Seren due to her sleeping in. (She wasn't feeling well). So that stinks. I write her a note and she calls me immediately when she wakes up. But, the good news is that when I come home from the office, it is much earlier and I have been doing some good PLAYING.

I just wish my own mental stress allowed me to relax more and just DO the work instead of second guessing myself. ALL OF THE TIME. Oh well. In time.

Meanwhile, outside of stress work land, life is going well. We are busy thinking about Seren's 5th bday (What to do?) and realizing that kindergarten is coming up before we know it. I'm still in shock about that; we register next Friday. NEXT FRIDAY!


Weekend here we come!!

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Kindergarten, good gracious! I'm still reeling from the fact that we signed Sebastian up for preschool for the fall. They tell you it goes by fast, but somehow I'm still surprised by it.

P.S. Love Wyeth's werewolf name... : )